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Tell Kamala Harris to help end aggression towards China 

As we continue in dismantling the US White House led anti-China rhetoric, we are calling on Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, to help end the aggression towards China. Please add your name to this letter. We will be delivering it to Kamala after the election.

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Tell the media to stop aiding Trump in spewing hateful speech towards China. 

In a short few months, China has been written about in mainstream media outlets as if they are the mortal enemy of the United States. The Trump administration has been provoking China with extreme measures and gestures which are not very neighborly. U.S. aggression towards China is driving us to war instead of peace and cooperation. These actions are coming at a time when COVID and climate chaos have made it abundantly clear that we are ALL connected and ALL in this together. Instead of provocations, we need all leadership around the world to come together to solve the problems of the planet to save life for humanity on earth.

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Let’s Pull Our Nation Away From the Brink of a Nuclear War!

Join us in spreading the word that China is not our enemy.  Instead of driving hatred with China we need to turn our energies into cultivating peace and cooperation so we can all work together to confront the problems arising from ongoing Climate catastrophes, global inequality and growing fascism — which is much more frightening than China will ever be. For safe measure, we need a “no first use” commitment from the U.S. Government, or they are the real enemy of the planet and all people on it.  

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