China is Not Our Enemy

It is obvious that the same methods that were used to drive us to war in Iraq are being employed to drive a narrative that we should fear China. In a short few months, China has been written about in mainstream media outlets as if they are the mortal enemy of the United States. The Trump administration has been provoking China with extreme measures and gestures which are not very neighborly. U.S. aggression towards China is driving us to war instead of peace and cooperation. These actions are coming at a time when COVID and Climate chaos have made it abundantly clear that we are ALL connected and ALL in this together.  Instead of provocations, we need all leadership around the world to come together to solve the problems of the planet to save life for humanity on earth.

Join us in spreading the word that China is not our enemy.  Instead of driving hatred with China we need to turn our energies into cultivating peace with China and across the world. We need to cultivate peace and cooperation so we can all work together to confront the problems arising from ongoing Climate catastrophes, global inequality and growing fascism-- which is much more frightening than China will ever be.  For safe measure, we need a “no first use” commitment from the U.S. Government, or they are the real enemy of the planet and all people on it.  

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While they are driving hate, let us push towards a sane nuclear policy- one with a return to a vision of peace.

Tell the media to stop aiding Trump in spewing hateful speech towards China. Add your signature to this letter!

Add your signature to this letter and let’s pull the nation away from the brink of a nuclear war.

Add your name to this letter in support of the elimination of all Nuclear Weapons

Learn More

Check out the offerings below to learn more about China, to get ahead of the curveballs the mainstream media are throwing, and to be a peacemaker.


News on China: - The interest on China is growing everywhere. Yet most of the available news and analysis outside China is produced by mainstream media from the Global North. To provide access to Chinese perspectives, the Dong Feng Collective — formed by researchers from various countries — is preparing a weekly digest of news from China.

China Has Transformed Millions of Hectares of Farmland into Forest/Grassland-This program has generated ecological benefits worth 1.38 trillion yuan and has also contributed to boosting income for rural residents and alleviating poverty

Closing China’s Health Care Gap & Reducing Illness-induced Poverty-A look into how turning to technology has alleviated chronic problem of uneven distribution in China’s health care system 

Taking China's Pulse- A Harvard research team unveils findings about Chinese public opinion from a long term public survey 

China Is More Democratic Than America- Ben Schott breaks down statistics showing that public opinion deems China more democratic than the US

Vlog from Inside China- Chinese Canadian visiting inside Uyghur territory XiNJiaNG, China 


Banking on the Cold War?- Nikhil Pal Singh highlights that the Cold War says more about how U.S. elites imagined their “freedom” than it does about enabling other people to be free.

U.S. Cold War China Policy Will Isolate the U.S, Not China- by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies.

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki- John Pilger warns that we must act now to stop the catastrophe that devastated millions with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from happening to China. 

US China Cold War is Bigger Global Threat than Virus- Jeffrey Sachs notes that the deepening cold war between the US and China will be a bigger worry for the world than coronavirus

Africa's Position in the New 'Cold War' - The former minister of Public Works in Liberia, W. Gyude Moore, details why China is a friend to Africa. 

Anti-war voices in US fight against domestic militarism - Medea Benjamin interview with Global Times on why China Is Not Our Enemy.

America’s Unholy Crusade Against China- Jeffrey Sachs article on China not being our enemy in Tikkun magazine


China and the Coronavirus- Report from Tricontinental

How China is Defeating the Coronavirus Outbreak- The Qiao collective emphasizes how China’s ability to respond to this public health crisis is a testament to the reality of socialism with Chinese characteristics

China warns against bid to politicize COVID-19 for electoral gain- A People's Dispatch from April 2020

COVID-19: US Blames China to Cover Up Its Own Failures- Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the patterns in the spread of COVID-19 and the differences in the preparedness of various countries.

At World Health Assembly, US bid to scapegoat China fails- Former Ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar talks about the two-day World Health Assembly where COVID-19 was a major focus area. He talks about how the attempts by the US to pin the blame for the disease on China backfired. 

China is Not the EnemyChina’s united response to COVID-19 is often painted as a reflection of authoritarian “Asian values.” But the collective mobilization relied on real public support — a temporary social truce that today threatens to fracture. 



China Is Not Our Enemy series: 

China Is Not Our Enemy 1: A webinar conversation with Tobita Chow of Justice is Global and CODEPINK cofounder, Jodie Evans on on how peace activists are striving to deescalate rising tensions between the US and China. Watch here!

Tobita chow sharable

China Is Not Our Enemy 2: The second episode on how we can work together to stop the next Cold War. A conversation with Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report and CODEPINK cofounder, Jodie Evans. Watch here

China Is Not Our Enemy 3:  CODEPINK cofounder, Jodie Evans sits down with John Ross , a senior fellow at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, for an enlightening discussion from inside China, debunking lies and sharing laughs. Watch here!

China Is Not Our Enemy 4: Jodie Evans is joined by Tings Chak 翟庭君, who is the Lead Designer and Researcher for Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and a senior editor for the Dong Feng Collective, for a beautiful discussion on life in Shanghai while they debunk more myths about China. Watch here!  

China Is Not Our Enemy 5: Vijay Prashad, the executive director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and Jodie Evans, CODEPINK cofounder, discuss the history of militarism and wars with the US and how this will influence future relations with China as well as debunking lies around the Coronavirus

China Is Not Our Enemy 6: Qiao Collective, a collective of diaspora Chinese working to challenge US aggression on China and Jodie Evans, cofounder of CODEPINK, connect deeply through conversation on the impacts of the anti-China rhetoric and examine how we can dismantle this aggression and militarism through relationships. 

Other Webinars

No Cold War International Peace Forum- Activists and leading peace scholars such as CODEPINK's cofounder, Jodie Evans, Vijay Prashad, Kate Hudson, Julie Tang and many others discuss how to oppose the US-led New Cold War during this enlightening international peace forum. 

Pivot to Peace with China webinar- A new international peace movement, Pivot to Peace, opposes the current US military doctrine that is preparing this country for “major power conflict” with China. In this webinar, speakers highlight why we should return to a vision of peace. Speakers include Julie M. TangDing Bong Lee, Jill Stein, MD., Col. Ann Wright, Eugene Puryear,as well as many others. Watch here!

No To the Next Cold War: CODEPINK cofounder, Medea Benjamin and a number of other peace activists from across the globe, such as Margaret Kimberley, Vijay Prashad, Kate Hudson, Carlos Ron, and many others come together to launch a statement ‘A New Cold War Against China is Against the Interests of Humanity’ in this webinar. Watch here!

Articles about No To the Next Cold War webinar- U.S. attitude towards China threatens World Peace and Oppose A War with China!



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