Divest from the War Machine

Campaign Overview

"It is an absurd contradiction to speak of peace, to negotiate peace, and at the same time promote or permit the global arms trade. Is this war or that war really a war to solve problems? Or is it a commercial war for selling weapons in illegal trade and so that the merchants of death can get rich?” — Pope Francis


CODEPINK and our partners, are taking on the war machine by working to divest our society from weapons manufacturers. Divesting from the war machine means that we will not invest our money in companies that make a profit off of military interventions and expansions.  In other words, we’re going to stop those who are making a killing in killing!

Through the Divest from War campaign we will:

  • Empower individuals, institutions, and communities to change their investments and support peace and sustainability; instead of war, death, and destruction
  • Highlight how the war machine is in our streets and in our communities, and is impacting all of us.
  • Expose how the war machine is taking precious resources away from the programs and industries that support us, from education to housing to the environment.   
  • Amplify the cost of war at home, and abroad.

Prioritizing military spending over human need, has resulted in a system that prioritizes expanding war and the resulting death and destruction that accompany it.  Instead of investing in diplomacy and life, the U.S. is constantly preparing for war and draining resources away from those programs that invest in human life.

Divesting from war is a call to radically reevaluate our priorities.  Standing up to those who are holding hostage our ability to invest in education, sustainable development, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and facing the intrinsic inequalities in our society.  We can rebuild our nation without a war economy and dilute the power of those who are only invested in war.


Summit Speakers

Screen_Shot_2017-09-07_at_8.37.57_PM.pngMedea Benjamin

Medea, co-founder of CODEPINK, has been an advocate for social justice for more than forty years. Since the September 11, 2001, tragedy,  Medea has been working to promote a U.S. foreign policy that would respect human rights and gain us allies instead of contributing to violence and undermining our international reputation. She has organized many protests against the U.S. interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. Medea has also been on the forefront of the anti-drone movement. Benjamin is the author of nine books, including Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection. Her articles appear regularly in outlets such as The Huffington Post, CommonDreams, Alternet, The Other Words, and TeleSUR.

Screen_Shot_2017-09-07_at_8.35.06_PM.pngVijay Prashad

Vijay Prashad is a world-renowned journalist, historian, and professor whose books, essays and lectures have inspired millions. A prolific writer, his 20 books include The Death of the Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution, The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World, and Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South. Known as a modern-day Franz Fanon, he is a frequent contributor to The Real News, Democracy Now, Counterpunch, and Alternet. Vijay has a sweeping worldview of both history and the present-day conflicts, which he weaves together brilliantly—and with wry humor.

Screen_Shot_2017-09-07_at_8.40.52_PM.pngWilliam Hartung

William Hartung is the Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. He is the author of Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex (Nation Books, 2011) and the co-editor, with Miriam Pemberton, of Lessons from Iraq: Avoiding the Next War (Paradigm Press, 2008). His previous books include And Weapons for All (HarperCollins, 1995), a critique of U.S. arms sales policies from the Nixon through Clinton administrations. From July 2007 through March 2011, Mr. Hartung was the director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation. Before that, he served as the director of the Arms Trade Resource Center at the World Policy Institute. Bill Hartung’s articles on security issues have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Nation, and the World Policy Journal. He has been a featured expert on national security issues on CBS 60 Minutes, NBC Nightly News, the Lehrer Newshour, CNN, Fox News, and scores of local, regional, and international radio outlets. He blogs for the Huffington Post and TPM Café.

nGefAy4n.jpgAjamu Baraka

A human rights defender whose experience spans four decades of domestic and international education and activism, Ajamu Baraka is a veteran grassroots organizer whose roots are in the Black Liberation Movement and anti-apartheid and Central American solidarity struggles. Baraka is an internationally recognized leader of the emerging human rights movement in the U.S. and has been at the forefront of efforts to apply the international human rights framework to social justice advocacy in the U.S. for more than 25 years. Baraka has also served on the boards of various national and international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International (USA), the Center for Constitutional Rights, Africa Action, and the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights. He is currently an editor and contributing columnist for the Black Agenda Report, a writer for Counterpunch, and is the National Organizer and National Spokesperson for the Black Alliance for Peace.

jodie-evans.jpgJodie Evans

Jodie Evans, co-founder of CODEPINK, is a political activist, author, and documentary film producer who has been a visionary advocate for peace for several decades. Since the start of the 2003 Iraq War, Jodie has traveled to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Jordan on several occasions as a citizen diplomat. She has also traveled to Cuba to protest the prison facility at Guantanamo, and in 2015 she was one of 30 women activists from fifteen countries who crossed the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, calling for peace and reconciliation between the two countries. Jodie is the co-editor of two books, "Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation" and "Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism" and a contributor to “Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution.”  She is currently writing a book about divesting from the unjust, extractive war economy and building a just, sustainable peace economy.

MiriumMiriam Pemberton

Miriam Pemberton is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and directs its Peace Economy Transitions Project focused on helping to build the foundations of a postwar economy at the federal, state and local levels. She co-chairs the Budget Priorities Working Group, the principal information-sharing collaboration of U.S. NGOs working on reducing Pentagon spending. In addition to articles and op-eds, her publications include two report series. “Military vs. Climate Security” compares federal spending on the two security domains, and argues for a shift of security resources toward mitigating climate change. “A Unified Security Budget for the United States” examined the balance of spending on military forces, homeland security and non-military foreign engagement and argues for a more peaceful, rebalanced security budget.

speaker.jpgMaggie Martin

Maggie Martin is a Co-Director and Director of Organizing with Iraq Veterans Against the War. Maggie was in the Army from 2001-2006, and had three deployments to Kuwait and Iraq before leaving the army as a Sergeant in 2006. She joined Iraq Veterans Against War in 2007, joining a chorus of Iraq war veterans calling for immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces in Iraq; reparations for the human and structural damages Iraq has suffered, and stopping the corporate pillaging of Iraq so that their people can control their own lives and futures; and full benefits, adequate healthcare (including mental health), and other supports for returning servicemen and women. Iraq Veterans Against War is at the forefront of confronting military culture and reeling in the unbridled militarism that fuels the war machine both abroad and in our streets.

John.pngJohn Qua

John is a national organizer with Global Zero, a leading international group dedicated to achieving the elimination of nuclear weapons, where he spearheads volunteer recruitment and mobilization across the United States. Global Zero is dedicated to eliminating the nuclear threat – including proliferation and nuclear terrorism – by stopping the spread of nuclear weapons, securing all nuclear materials and eliminating all nuclear weapons. They have spent years building a massive international coalition of influential political, military, business, civic and faith leaders – matched by a powerful global grassroots movement- that work to achieve true global zero. John is an avid national field organizer, and has organized on several progressive political campaigns with the Sierra Club, MoveOn.org, and Food & Water Watch.

speaker.jpgJacqueline Cabasso

Jacqueline Cabasso is the Executive Director of Western States Legal Foundation, a legal organization dedicated to serving nonviolent peace and environmental activists. Jackie also serves as the North American Coordinator for Mayors for Peace, a coalition of cities around the world working toward the total abolition of nuclear weapons. Mayors for Peace has 7,453 member cities globally from 162 different countries and regions, who work to raise international public awareness regarding the need to abolish nuclear weapons and contribute to the realization of genuine and lasting world peace by working to eliminate starvation and poverty, assist refugees fleeing local conflict, support human rights, protect the environment, and solve the other problems that threaten peaceful coexistence within the human family.

Screen_Shot_2017-09-07_at_8.43.30_PM.pngLisa Renstrom

Lisa Renstrom is the Co-Founder and Council Chair of The Divest Invest Initiative’s campaign to engage individuals across the economic spectrum in the global fossil fuel divestment and sustainable investment movements. She has served as the Executive Director of Voice & Choices, which advanced economic and environmental sustainability through large-scale change models and civic engagement. Later, as President of the national Sierra Club, she strove to engage all Americans in environmental protection and place energy and climate at the top of the Clubs priorities.

speaker.jpgGarick Ruiz

Garick Ruiz is the North American Advocacy Advisor for the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC). Garik is heavily involved in the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), the global movement to end international support Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law. The BNC works to strengthen and spread the culture of boycott as a central form of civil resistance to Israeli occupation, colonialism, and apartheid. The BDS movement is an anti-colonial movement, and Garik and the BNC work with other groups across the world to oppose colonization in all of its forms.

speaker.jpgSusi Snyder

Susi Snyder is the Nuclear Disarmament Programme Manager for Pax in the Netherlands. Mrs. Snyder has published numerous reports and articles, notably, the 2014 and 2015 Don’t Bank on the Bomb: Global Report on the Financing of Nuclear Weapons Producers. She is an International Steering Group member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and a 2016 Nuclear-Free Future Award Laureate. Previously, Mrs. Snyder served as the Secretary-General of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

speaker.jpgLarry Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson is a retired U.S. Army colonel and former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. He is the Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Government and Public Policy at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. In addition, he has been published in The American Conservative, Playboy Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Miami Herald, the New York Daily News, and other magazines and newspapers across the country, as well as appeared on television with Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, the BBC’s Hardtalk and Newsnight, and others. He has appeared in several recent documentaries also, including Alex Gibney’s “Taxi to the Dark Side” and Charles Ferguson’s “No End in Sight”. He was also chairman of the U.S.-Cuba 21st Century Policy Initiative at the New America Foundation from 2006-2010.

Learn More

To learn more about the U.S. War Machine and alternatives to the war economy, refer to the following resources:

Primary Research Resources:

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute- Leading resource on global arms trade research. Each year SIPRI produces a “Top 100 Arms Producing Companies and Military Contractors” List that tracks the annual profits of global arms corporations (and of course, US corporations always top the list). They also have an extensive database that logs global arms transfers.

Costs of War Project from the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University- The Costs of War Project is a team of 35 scholars, legal experts, human rights practitioners, and physicians that use research and a public website to facilitate debate about the costs of the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the related violence in Pakistan and Syria. Read here a report by William Hartung and Catherine Lutz on the financial, human, and environmental costs of war: “The Military Budget and the Cost of War

National Priorities Project- Leading research organization that examines how much of our taxes go to wars and militarism. Take a look at its Protecting Our Communities: A State's Guide to Demilitarizing for a Brighter Future project to see what a demilitarized budget could look like and pull some good stats in support of reeling in the war machine.

Airwars.org- This is a website that monitors and assesses civilian casualties from international airstrikes in Syria, Iraq, and Libya and enables us to understand and witness daily the human costs of the U.S. War Machine.

Don’t Bank on the Bomb: Don't Bank on the Bomb is a project from PAX supporting the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) in efforts to stigmatize and outlaw nuclear weapons. Here, find a report with information on major weapons producers and their investors.

Books/ Articles/ Reports that are helpful or relevant to the campaign

The Merchants of Death Survive and Prosper: Outlines the dominant role played by U.S. corporations in the international arms trade.

Trump Is Turning the State Department into a Global Weapons Dealer: Article by CODEPINK’s Jodie Evans and Haley Pedersen on the Trump administration’s plan to turn State Department officials into sale-people for weapons corporations.  

The Job Opportunity Cost of War: A report published by Brown University's Watson Institute that finds federal spending on domestic programs in health care, education, clean energy and infrastructure creates more jobs, dollar for dollar, than military spending.

William Hartung, leading military analyst and director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy has written an extensive body of material over the years on U.S. wars and militarism and the role of weapons companies in fueling war. He also spoke at our Divestment Summit in October 2017, and you can view his speech here. Some of William Hartung’s Articles:

War Comes Home: The 2014 report by the American Civil Liberties Union on the militarization of America’s police forces under such programs as the Pentagon’s 1033 program.  

Lockheed Martin: A global giant in supporting of Israeli war crimes: An article written by two CODEPINK team members about Lockheed Martin’s role in supplying much of the weapons and equipment used to sustain the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Shadow World: A book by Andrew Feinstein, and a strong part of the formation of this campaign. The book provides an in-depth analysis of corruption, greed, and collusion inherent in global arms trade. The book also gives a comprehensive history of the global arms trade. Author Andrew Feinstein’s spoke in support of the Divest from the War Machine Summit, and you can view his speech here.

Project Indefensible: This is a book that unpacks and opposes the leading “myths” that sustain the global arms trade. This entire book is available free online.

The Empire’s Hustle: Why Anti-Trumpism Doesn’t Include Anti-War: An article written by Ajamu Baraka, Green Party vice-presidential campaign and Black Alliance for Peace founder (BAP is part of the Divest from the War Machine coalition) analyzes why progressive critique of the Trump administration lacks an anti-war perspective. You can also watch Ajamu Baraka’s speech from the Divest from the War Machine Summit here.

A Country Addicted to War: An article by historian Andrew Bacevich on America’s endless wars and the lack of a mainstream movement to oppose it.

A Global Security System, an Alternative to War” from World Beyond War is a report that provides a strong outline of the call for a demilitarized US from World Beyond War. This is a resource that can help shape the “What do we want instead?” narrative.

Major Danny Sjursen is a U.S. Army strategist and former history instructor at West Point. He served tours with reconnaissance units in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He has written a memoir and critical analysis of the Iraq War, Ghostriders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge. Some of Danny Sjursen’s relevant articles:


Shadow World: This is a documentary based on the book of the same name written by Andrew Feinstein. The film explores corruption, collusion, and greed in the global arms trade.

Stop War In Our Schools. End JROTC.


The school shooting in FL has once again highlighted the role of the military in our lives and in our schools.  It’s time to stop the militarization of our children and end the JROTC program.  The Parkland high school JROTC program taught Nikolas Cruz to shoot an AR-15 and was funded by the NRA.  Our schools should be filled with trained educators, not a proving ground for military-style assault rifles.

Tell Senator McCain and Representative Thornberry to take the war machine out of our schools! The JROTC program must end immediately. The money should be directed back into classrooms that educate our children.

Black Rock


What is BlackRock?

BlackRock is the top investor in weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics. The weapons from these companies are used in military strikes around the world, resulting in the deaths of innocents civilians and the destruction of the environment. These companies lie at the brutal heart of the military-industrial complex. In supporting them, BlackRock and its shareholders are making huge profits off of global suffering. We cannot allow BlackRock to continue to go unchallenged about its war profiteering. Together, we can hold them accountable. Learn more about BlackRock. as well as its connection with General Dynamics and migrant detention.

Take action!

Sign the letter to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink


Sign our letter to the IRC

Help us spread the word


Post on Facebook

Sample Message You Can Share:
BlackRock is making a killing on killing by investing billions in Lockheed Martin to profit from weapons of war. Your CEO says that you want socially responsible corporate citizens, but you profit off of death and destruction! Making war is a dirty business that pollutes our air and water and poisons communities around the world.


Share an image on social media

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Take a picture with your message to post on social media

Create a banner with a message BlackRock: Divest from War. Gather as many friends as you can and take a picture with the banner. Post it on our Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #divestfromwar #codepink @BlackRock Share it with us!

Take the Pledge to stop those making a killing on killing and stealing our future

Sign up to join our Divest from the War Machine campaign. To learn more about the U.S. War Machine and alternatives to the war economy, refer to the following resources.

Join or organize an action

Organize a rally or vigil outside a BlackRock location! Some action uniqueness will simply be their locations — if there isn’t a BlackRock location near you, then there might be a place to hold your event that is particularly important to your community, or symbolic of the weapons industry and Lockheed Martin? Examples include City Hall, Federal Building, community center, university, or local worship space. Let us know if you decide to organize or join an action/event so that we can support you!!

Say NO to Campaign Contributions from Military Contractors &the NRA


What is BlackRock?


BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world. Controlling more than $5 trillion in assets, BlackRock has been described as the world’s largest shadow bank. They own the iShares franchise of investment funds, as well as other proprietary investments vehicles. 

iShares is one of the fastest-growing investment vehicles in the world; during the 1st Quarter 2018 shareholder update, BlackRock highlighted that the iShares franchise is how their business is booming. One of these iShares funds is exclusively dedicated to “defense spending” – in other words, a fund that is exclusively profiting off of weapons of war. The defense fund includes investments in Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman.

BlackRock’s investments are making a killing on killing. Weapons manufacturers, military contractors, and civilian firearms manufacturers are investments which fuel war, death, and destruction in our streets and around the world. Investments in weapons companies, both military and civilian, run counter to BlackRock’s statements about holding companies accountable to be good corporate citizens. For example, the top five military contractors in the U.S. – Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman – all have numerous counts of waste and abuse of federal tax dollars. These companies have been accused of groundwater contamination, misconduct, labor violations and overinflated pricing, resulting in overbilling defense contracts issued by the federal government.

Corporate accountability must extend to those who hold the shares of these companies. In a public statement, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink announced that he was going to start holding the companies they invest in accountable for being responsible corporate citizens. Mr. Fink’s statement for accountability rings hollow while BlackRock continues to profit off of the most morally-corrupt companies in the world. To highlight how much money BlackRock has invested in weapons manufacturers, let’s look at their investments in the top 5. They have $7.25 billion invested in Boeing; $3.3 billion in General Dynamics; $5.6 billion in Lockheed Martin; $3.4 billion in Northrop Grumman; and $4 billion in Raytheon.

Weapons made by these companies are being used in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, among other places where the U.S. continues to be involved in active conflicts. These weapons are responsible for the deaths of countless civilians, during wars that are devastating communities and breeding further instability and retaliation. In 2012, the FBI released a report indicating that U.S. military intervention abroad was responsible for the rise in terrorism around the world and at home. Far from making us safer, the products made and sold by these companies are creating an endless cycle of violence which disrupts peace and security at home and around the world, while lining the pockets of a privileged few far from the devastation.

BlackRock has $5.6 billion invested in Lockheed Martin. In numerous Israeli assaults on the Gaza Strip, Lockheed Martin jets, helicopters, and missiles played major roles. The majority of those killed were innocent civilians. A study done by the Defense for Children International into the 2014 assault on Gaza determined that at least 225 of the 550 children killed in the 50-day assault, died from Israeli warplane attacks, including by Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets.

Its iShares “defense spending” includes major investments in Israel’s largest publicly traded weapons company, Elbit Systems. Elbit drones are used on the Gaza Strip to attack innocent Palestinians. The United Nations have investigated the attacks and concluded as possible war crimes or crimes against humanity. Elbit is a major supplier to the Israeli military and provides surveillance technology for Israel’s apartheid wall.

BlackRock maintains significant stakes in weapons companies such as General Dynamics, a military contractor that has also taken a government contract to provide “social services” to migrant children held at U.S. detention camps. Learn more about the connection between BlackRock, General Dynamics and migrant detention.

BlackRock Quick Facts

BlackRock is recognizing the impacts and dangers of civilian firearms by creating two gun-free funds and voting for the Sturm Ruger shareholder proposal, but has not yet acted on military weapons.

BlackRock, General Dynamics, and Migrant Detention


BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world. Controlling more than $5 trillion in assets, BlackRock has been described as the world’s largest shadow bank. BlackRock maintains significant stakes in weapons companies such as General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. General Dynamics is a prime example of a company profiting from those who are suffering. The military contractor has taken a government contract to provide “social services” to migrant children held at U.S. detention camps. In the past, General Dynamics has provided weapons to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, and Turkey, and directly benefited from the U.S. invasion on Iraq.

How does General Dynamics support child detention?

IT, caseworker support, file review and redaction, data entry.  Services that provide for tracking and managing of files, when children and families are in the immigration system.

Why are you targeting BlackRock instead of General Dynamics?

BlackRock owns more than 16 million shares of General Dynamics stock. BlackRock is directly profiting from General Dynamics’ actions as a part of border militarization. Putting pressure on shareholders is how we can start to shift the conversation around how we treat immigrants and others who are disproportionately impacted by our war policies.

Is General Dynamics profiting from other parts of border militarization?

Yes, General Dynamics holds several government contracts for information technology and support services for many government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security.

Are there any other military contractors who are profiting from child detention?

Yes, MVM. MVM is a private security firm that provides services to several government agencies, however, they are not publicly traded. We have an opportunity to put pressure on BlackRock and other shareholders for their role in profiting from General Dynamics’ role in family separation, child detention, and other unjust practices that are targeted at immigrants and refugees.

What agency is contracting out with General Dynamics?

Specifically regarding the role that General Dynamics plays in profiting from child detention facilities its contract is with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  HHS is a part of the network of agencies that handle immigration and refugee cases in the U.S., for example, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is a part of Health and Human Services. ORR Is responsible for coordinating services for refugees. General Dynamics provides information technology systems and support for managing refugee case files.


Tell David Miliband to rescind the award to Larry Fink


The International Rescue Committee is known throughout the globe for its outstanding support for migrants and refugees; however, the humanitarian organization is dead set on honoring the war profiteer Larry Fink at its November Rescue Gala in New York City. Send a message to David Miliband, CEO of the IRC: there is nothing humanitarian about profiting from weapons sales.

Peace Voter Guide & Divestment Record

Peacemakers, Warmongers and Fence Sitters: Who Represents You?  

To help you decide who to vote for in the 2018 Congressional election, CODEPINK's Peace Voter Guide & Divestment Record has gathered the arms industry campaign contributions and peace voting records of every single Member of Congress together in one site for easy reference. You will find every incumbent Senator and House Representative included in the charts below.

You can use these charts to see where your "representatives" in Congress really stand on questions of weapons, war and peace, and compare them with their colleagues.  Are there overall differences between Democrats and Republicans?  Who are the real hawks and doves in each party?  

We hope this guide will help you to find incumbents or challengers where you live whose campaigns are not tainted by contributions from the arms industry, and who will cast decisive, world-changing votes for peace and disarmament in the coming years.  Please vote wisely!

CODEPINK thanks Open Secrets and Peace Action for the financial and voting data we used to compile these charts.

"2018 MIC Funding" includes all arms industry contributions to each politician in this election cycle from individuals and PACs (Political Action Committees). These include contributions to their "Campaign Committees" and to their "Leadership PACS." Records marked "N/A" indicate that this politician is retiring from Congress and has not raised significant funds in this election cycle. To explore this data yourself, you can enter the politician's name on the Open Secrets web site, then click on the "Industries" button at the top of their individual page, then select "2018" and "Campaign Committee and Leadership PAC Combined" and scroll down to "Defense" in the list of industries at the bottom of the page.

"Divestment Rank" ranks each politician based on their campaign contributions from the arms industry in this election cycle.  Politicians who have taken no money from the arms industry are ranked "1" and so on.  Code Pink is part of the "Divest from the War Machine" campaign, which we invite you to join.

"Peace Vote Lifetime %" is the actual percentage of critical Congressional votes in which each politician has voted as requested by their peace-loving constituents in response to action alerts by Peace Action, Code Pink and our partners in the U.S. peace community.  Peace Action has tracked these votes (through 2016) at its "Know the Score" web site, where you can explore each politician's "Peace Vote" record in detail.  Members of Congress elected in 2016 or later are marked "N/A," and we will enter their "Peace Vote" percentage once it has been evaluated.

"Peace Vote Rank" ranks each politician based on their "Peace Vote" percentage. Those who vote for peace most often are ranked first, those who vote more often for war and militarism are ranked lower, and the 22 current Members who have never voted for peace even once in their entire careers in Congress are ranked last of all.

Join our Town Hall on Militarism

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Immediately following the premiere, at 9 pm ET, join us for a LIVE Twitter chat with Medea Benjamin to discuss the future of American militarism. Tweet at @codepink using the hashtag #DivestfromWar. For support to plan a Town Hall on Militarism watch party and discussion, contact Ryan@codepink.org.

What does a path forward to divest the United States from its war economy look like? Can we, as a nation, break our addiction to militarism? These are just some of the questions leading experts from around the country tackle in the Town Hall, a joint project by CODEPINK, Free Speech TV and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Khanna.jpgHosted by our own Ariel Gold, the CODEPINK: Town Hall on Militarism discusses the costs of militarism, weapons and war, and examines the effect and workings of the U.S. military-industrial complex, before looking at what work is taking place in the U.S. and around the world to end militarism and build a more just and peaceful world. The lively conversation features a message from Representative Ro Khanna panelists William Hartung, director of the Weapons and Securities Project at the Center for International Policy; Ciara Taylor, membership manager of The People’s Forum; Ann Wright, former U.S. Army Colonel and U.S. diplomat; and Angelo Pinto, senior attorney working with The Advancement Project’s Ending Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track and Justice Project.

Adam Smith: Divest from War!


Representative Adam Smith is slated to replace Mac Thornberry as the next Chairperson for the House Armed Services Committee. He says he supports increased scrutiny of Pentagon spending and reducing the U.S. nuclear arsenal. But between 2017 and 2018, he took a whopping $228,750 from weapons companies. Knowing he was next in line to become chair of this powerful committee, in the last weeks before the midterm elections, General Dynamics lobbyists even rushed to give him an extra $10,000. 

NOTE: This tool may not work on Firefox, please consider using another browser. For the time-being, this tool is limited to US and Canadian residents, for which we apologize.

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