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Join the Movement to Divest from War!

We can reduce global conflicts and slow the hyper-militarization of our world by asking individual investors and financial institutions to stop investing in companies that profit from U.S. military interventions, the global arms trade, and the militarization of our streets. Join us in asking investors, universities, religious organizations, retirement funds, mutual funds, and other financial institutions to stop making a killing on killing. Visit our coalition website to take the pledge to divest, and scroll down to take more action.

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Activate Congress

Have your reps and senators taken from weapons manufacturers or the NRA? Find out who is invested in the war machine and how you can take action. Last year, about half of what Congress allocated to the Pentagon went straight to military contractors. That equalled more than $350 billion! These very companies turned around and spent millions on campaign contributions. It’s time to say no! 

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Divest Your City

Urge your city or town to ensure local funds don't support weapons companies. |Our sample city council resolutions give citizens and municipal officials a roadmap in considering how their municipal policies can fulfil priorities without supporting institutions that profit from war.

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Divest your University

Students, alumni, and employees of universities and colleges are in a unique position to urge their school to divest its endowment from the war machine. |Ready to start a Divest from the War Machine Campaign in on your campus?

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