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Learn Why China Is Not Our Enemy

To learn more, check out these resources that offer context on the new cold war and the role of peacemaking in Chinese history. You’ll also meet our growing team of peace activists dedicated to building a better and just relationship between the US and China.

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Culture of Peace - China has 1.4 billion people and a 3,000 year culture committed to harmony and peace.

China FAQs

The People's Forum: China Is Not Our Enemy Teach In This teach-in includes multiple speakers sharing their insight and observations regarding China, and expressing why it’s so important to avoid war.

CINOE: Meet the Team

"China has made incredible advances in fighting poverty, expanding green energy, and promoting peace. No country or people are perfect, but there is always something we can learn from others and something others can learn from us. The current political climate of warmongering and demonization of China stokes an attitude of aggression rather than cooperation. The only people who benefit from this are wealthy elites. As a Chinese American, I know that Chinese and U.S. nationals have the same fundamental interests. For the sake of humanity, we must do the essential work of looking past the headlines, learning from each other, and promoting peace." -Krista Chan

"We are living during a critical and unprecedented juncture that will ultimately decide the future of society at large as humanity stares down the barrels of not one, but two of its own designs. War drums are drowning out the pleas of communities around the world to face the climate crisis that affects all of our lives. On top of inaction, the escalation of tensions between nations is significantly worsening the situation, by way of pollution, chiefly from the United States’ military. At a time that requires intense international cooperation, policymakers are actively manufacturing a situation that I fear will lead to nuclear war with China if we do not raise our voices. While in the Navy, I worked for close to two years at the National Security Agency in Oahu, Hawaii as a Chinese translator. Upon leaving, I am confident that our military and intelligence agencies are not institutions for fostering peace by strength or any other means. So it is up to the people, through organization, to steer U.S. policy away from conflict and toward a sustainable environment for all." -Lawson Adams


"I joined China Is Not Our Enemy in October 2020 - in the inaugural cohort!Because, six months after Trump began raving about the "China Virus," I was getting really worried. Back then, little did I know that Biden would double down on his predecessor's xenophobia, or that the legacy media would abandon any remaining pretense of objectivity. The entire military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-mass media complex has now joined as one to demonize China.  We at China Is Not Our Enemy have our work cut out for us, but more than ever I'm committed to standing up to the cruelty and mindlessness of the War Party. Peace now!" -Stephen Roddy

"I joined the China Is Not Our Enemy campaign because the United States government is the main provocateur of war and destruction in the world today.  China is clearly the current target. This provocation threatens all of humanity with a nuclear war. It must be stopped." -Glen Janken

"I joined the China Is Not Our Enemy campaign because I want to end U.S. imperialism and the only way to do that is by challenging stereotypes and propaganda through a feminist lens that advances solidarity, unity, and cooperation (some very key principles of China's culture)." -Atticus Fasnakis