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Global Women for Peace United Against NATO: Latin American Women's Voices

Life is changing in the ‘Global South,’ particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, where leaders are promoting inclusive societies over mere profit-driven development. Countries like Mexico are setting global standards by surpassing developmental goals, boosting employment and benefits for marginalized groups. Join us in this webinar as we discuss the potential threat of NATO bases and US military interventions in the region.


  • Yuliette Tain, Cuba
    Yuliette works at the Embassy of Cuba as a Second Secretary in Washington DC.
  • Leonelis Diaz, Venezuela
    Leonelis works in the areas of popular and communal Feminism, political formation and Revolutionary Internationalism, within the organization of the Left Cultural Front and the Communal Union of Venezuela.
  • Rosa Elva Zúñiga López 
    Rosa is a Popular Educator, Feminist, Mexican Sociologist, and has taught Environmental Education and Community Development at the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biológicos de Chiapas and Agropecuarias at University of Guadalajara.






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