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Cooperate For People And Planet

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Learn why we need peace, not war, with China

Ask President Biden to join China to promote peace in Ukraine

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Beyond the Cold War: A Feminist Foreign Policy for the Asia-Pacific Prutehi Litekyan organizer Naek Flores, Korea Peace Now regional coordinator Sheen Kim, and Democratic Socialist of America International Committee Co-Chair Anlin Wang discuss how the cold war and legacies of colonialism, not China, threaten communities in the Asia-Pacific, and how we can build a better world without militarism.

No Cold War: International Peace Forum - Peace activists and scholars from around the world join together for a conversation about opposing a cold war with China.

Serve the People: The Eradication of Extreme Poverty in China with Jodie Evans & Tings Chak Watch this discussion on China’s landmark poverty alleviation efforts and what it means for cooperation.

China Is Not Our Enemy: Jodie Evans with Tings Chak 翟庭君 Researcher, artist, and journalist Tings Chak illuminates the social realities of China, including recent gains in LGBTQ+ rights and poverty alleviation.

China Is Not Our Enemy: Good Treaties Make For Good Neighbors Show Up! America founder Jan Weinberg exposes the consequences related to militarization under the Pivot to Asia and also underscores why treaties are so important.

China Is Not Our Enemy with Sara Flounders and Jodie Evans Anti-war activist and author Sara Flounders breaks down the differences between the Chinese and US responses to Covid-19, as well as how cooperation could have led to a different outcome.


Peace Activists Meet at DC China Embassy - Members of CODEPINK spoke with Chinese diplomats on peaceful solutions for Ukraine.

Former Gov. Jerry Brown Angry About Cold War - Former Governor Jerry Brown is mad about a new cold war with China. Learn why.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Eager To Work With China On Global Challenges - Read about important details from Secretary Yellen’s most recent visit to China.

Bernie Sanders Urges Cooperation - US Senator Bernie Sanders underscores why political differences shouldn’t prevent us from working with China to stop the climate emergency.

China Says It Can Work With US To Fight Climate Change - Cooperation on global warming brought American climate envoy John Kerry to Beijing.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo Upbeat After August 2023 Visit to China - Dive into key highlights from Secretary Raimondo’s visit to China and what it means for bilateral ties.