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How the US Is Stonewalling Peace with China - Watch journalist and peace activist KJ Noh breaks down what's driving American escalations with China amid recent steps towards detente in San Francisco. Noh calls attention to the militarism underpinning the US  government's pivot to Asia and its designs for Taiwan. 

What Can We Do to Stop War with China? - Pathways to Peace: China is Not Our Enemy | Humanity Rising - The need for a peace movement is critical. It is essential that people speak out and act to stop the escalating momentum toward war. This session will inform you of what you can do.

China Is Not Our Enemy with Jodie Evans and Cynthia Lazaroff  - Listen to Cynthia Lazaroff who launched NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth and offers insight on the necessity to reduce nuclear tensions, especially from the vantage point of the Pacific.

Tensions Over Taiwan: Preventing Nuclear War  - Podcaster and historian Carl Zha talks about the history of Taiwan and misconceptions in the American mainstream media regarding regional tensions.

China Is Not Our Enemy: A Conversation with Margaret Kimberley, columnist for Black Agenda Report - Peace activist Margaret Kimberley breaks down the material reasons and implications of the US cold war on China.

China Is Not Our Enemy: Jodie Evans in Conversation with Sheila Xiao - Pivot to Peace co-founder Sheila Xiao shares her insight on the problems in China-US relations and how organizations can resist aggression. 

China Is Not Our Enemy- A conversation with Jodie Evans and John Ross - Economist John Ross provides insight on China’s environmental and social policies while reminding us why a new cold war is not in our interests. 

China is Not Our Enemy: A Conversation with Robert Scheer - Journalist Robert Scheer invokes important historical and geopolitical context on anti-communist hysteria, the demonization of China, and US atrocities in Asia.

The Shanghai Communique: Key to Peace - Pivot to Peace/CODEPINK Webinar  - Peace activists share their knowledge and perspectives on Taiwan, why the one-China policy is so important, and how the US can and should avoid war in the Taiwan Strait.

A View from India: The Quad & AUKUS, a CODEPINK China Is Not Our Enemy webinar - Founding editor of Newsclick and political prisoner Prabir Purkayastha underscores why the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue - a military grouping encircling China which includes the US, Japan, India, and Australia - is not in India’s interest.



United States of War: How AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal Could Inflame Tension, Provoke War with China - The US has created a provocative military pact to police the Pacific with the UK and Australia.

The US is approving Taiwan military aid transfer under scheme served for sovereign nations - In 2023, the US began arming Taiwan under such a plan, despite the Shanghai Communique which outlines the island is a part of China. 

Is Taiwan the Next Ukraine w / Prof. Ken Hammond - Professor Ken Hammond shares how the US is instigating conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

Preparing for War in the South China Sea - The US is militarizing the South China Sea through building a network of bases in the region, especially in the Philippines, and conducting provocative drills.