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Latin America

Demand that OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro resign now!

On Sunday, October 18, Bolivia gave the world an extraordinary example of democracy. One year after being ousted by a coup staged by the Organization of American States and supported by the United States, the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party returns to power, putting an end to a failed neoliberal experiment. But the people of Bolivia still deserve accountability. Luis Almagro, head of the OAS, wrongly accused former president Evo Morales of fraud to justify the coup against him, thereby undermining Bolivia’s democracy and leading to massive human rights violations. Our tax dollars pay most of his salary — let's demand his resignation from the OAS now!

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Nominate Cuban Doctors For The Nobel Peace Prize!

Cuban doctors who are fighting Covid-19 all over the world are truly worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.|While Trump is defunding the WHO, bashing China and hijacking PPE from other countries, Cuba's Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade is currently operating in 22 countries to tackle the coronavirus. Add your name to the petition!

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Tell HRW to retract its flawed report about Cuba’s medical missions!

Human Rights Watch has published a flawed and misrepresentative report on Cuba’s medical missions, the same missions that have sent hundreds of thousands of doctors to 164 countries in 60 years to provide poor people with medical care. Tell HRW to retract this shameful report!

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Congress's Inhumane Sanctions Are Killing Venezuelans!

It is beyond inhumane that the Trump administration is intensifying its sanctions on Venezuela. Three years of broad economic measures have done nothing to further the administration’s regime change efforts. Instead, the sanctions strategy has hurt innocent civilians and is a factor in the regional migration crisis. The United States is causing untold suffering for innocent Venezuelans with its cruel sanctions policy. Lift the sanctions and engage in dialogue! U.S. residents: fill out the form to contact your Reps and Senators.

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