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Expose The Cost Of US Making Enemies

China has never attacked the United States. In contrast, the US has spent decades preparing for war, by creating military alliances and deploying troops to the Asia-Pacific region. A war with China would lead to the collapse of many social gains made since the Chinese Civil War, as well as a more severe global economic crisis. The political, economic, and humanitarian blowback for communities around the world would be devastating. Join us in exposing the cost of the US making enemies.

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No War with China! Cut the Pentagon


Right-Wing Extremism and The Cold War Go Hand-In-HandFrom white supremacist settler aggression in Palestine to transphobic violence in the Philippines, the US war machine is fueling the same right-wing extremism responsible for the J6 Capitol riots.


The Great Power Competition in Latin America? China’s BRI - Learn about neoliberalism in Latin America, the growth of the Belt and Road Initiative, and if there’s really a competition for influence between China and the US in the region.

China Is Not Our Enemy: A Conversation with John Cavanagh The Institute for Policy Studies’ John Cavanaugh shares findings from his report on the trade war on China and its cost on American workers.

Hong Kong: From Royal Colony to Color Revolution - Pivot to Peace co-founder Julie Tang and Veterans for Peace’s Michael Wong unpack the context and consequences of British and American interference in Hong Kong

China Is Not Our Enemy with Chris Hedges - Chris Hedges calls out the push for war with China as well as how militarism and the policing system in the US lead to far-right extremism.