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Tell Congress: Stop Warmongering China with Taiwan!

We will deliver the petition to members of Congress in-person! 

Dear member of Congress, 

We ask that you speak out publicly against the warmongering towards China and vote NO on any legislation that would further militarize Taiwan. 

The US is losing credibility in Taiwan for its warmongering. According to a recent study by Academia Sinica in Taipei, only 33% of people in Taiwan believe in the US, and 56% believe it is not credible. The US is driving a narrative that China wants to go to war on Taiwan, but China considers Taiwan to be its territory. The people know it is unreasonable to claim that China wants to attack itself. 

The people of Taiwan do not want to be dragged into war. Last August, Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen opened the door for Rep. Pelosi, whose visit crossed China’s redlines and escalated tension in the Taiwan Strait. A few months later, Tsai’s party lost the election. In early April, after meeting with Speaker McCarthy in the US, Tsai was protested by the people as soon as her flight landed. 

The people of Taiwan are speaking with their votes and in the streets that they want peace, but the US continues to escalate tension. On April 19, the House Select Committee on China held a meeting behind closed doors to “wargame” a conflict with China over Taiwan. The committee emerged with the determination to arm Taiwan to the teeth for “deterrence.” But more weapons cannot deter but only increase the risk of war. The US has escalated sending weapons to Taiwan and militarizing the Indo-Asia-Pacific, forming an encirclement around China. This then reasonably causes China to protect itself from the US military expansion, which means more weapons are built on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, taking the world closer to a nuclear war. 

China is leading in building peace in the world. In March, China brokered peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran and brought a possible lasting peace to Yemen. In April, China offered to facilitate peace in Palestine. A week later, China’s Xi spoke to Ukraine’s Zelensky and pledged to send special representatives to facilitate peace talks to end the death and destruction in Ukraine. As China makes peace around the world, the US cannot claim that China wants to attack Taiwan, its own territory resided by people of their shared ancestry. 

We live in precarious times, and only work for peace and cooperation should be accepted. Please affirm in a social media post or a constituent email your opposition to the warmongering narrative about China and your commitment to peace, and vote NO on any legislation that would further militarize Taiwan and bring the people in the Asia-Pacific closer to war.


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