Don’t Let the EAGLE Act Fly Through Congress

Send a letter to the House of Representatives today to ask them to vote no on the latest environmentally destructive and wasteful anti-China bill, H.R. 3524 The EAGLE Act. We know U.S. imperialism impacts people outside of the United States the most, so we invite all people to send a message to Congress that this anti-China fueled militarism must END! Read our alert on The EAGLE Act here. Plus, read our article on the EAGLE Act in CounterPunch here! Finally, you can read the full text of H.R. 3524 the EAGLE Act here.

Dear Member of Congress,

I am writing to you today to urge you to vote no on the massive anti-China bill H.R. 3524 The Ensuring American Global Leadership and Engagement Act, or the EAGLE Act. The EAGLE Act is a wasteful piece of legislation that commits our tax dollars to funding foreign military training and education while appropriating an additional $7.5 billion dollars to the Department of Defense over the next five years.

I find it inappropriate to allocate more than $225,000,000 dollars to international military training and education and $7.5 billion dollars to the U.S. military, both of which will increase carbon pollution and greenhouse gasses in a bill that makes clear the devastating consequences Americans would face if the global average temperature rose 2 degrees celsius. 

I am also deeply concerned by the numerous references to munitions and weapons buildups that give away our tax dollars to military contractors while escalating tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. As an American, I am exhausted by foreign wars fought in our name that harm and kill innocent people overseas while making us less safe, and I do not want to see my representatives pushing for more missiles, surveillance, and mock nuclear strikes in preparation for war over the future of Taiwan. In order to truly protect Americans from actual threats like nuclear war and climate change, Congress must be willing to stop expanding our costly and polluting military-industrial complex.

The EAGLE Act brings us dangerously close to war with China by deepening the U.S. commitment to defend Taiwan at all costs, including with nuclear warfare. This deeper commitment to Taiwan ignores years of established U.S. foreign policy known as the One-China policy, which has delivered peace and stability to the region. The EAGLE Act provokes conflict and begins the buildup for a protracted war over Taiwan by encouraging Taiwan and other U.S. allies in the region to heavily invest in weapons and munitions “to meet contingency requirements and avoid the need for accessing United States stocks in wartime.” These buildups cannot reasonably be called deterrence while this bill also agitates existing agreements for peace like the One-China Policy.

While the EAGLE Act seeks to ensure American global leadership, it ignores our most pressing domestic issues, ensuring that America is not a role model for other nations as our citizens face deteriorating health systems, out-of-control police and gun violence, mass incarceration, and disastrous climate change.

Another unacceptable aspect of the EAGLE Act is the consistent anti-China rhetoric that is repeated again and again throughout the bill and in promotion of the bill. As the language in the EAGLE Act that portrays China as manipulative, distortive, and predatory is spread by mainstream media outlets, the narrative paves the way for more dangerous, and potentially deadly, scapegoating of not just China’s politicians and leaders but all Chinese and Chinese-perceived people, including other Asian and Asian American communities. We have already seen coast-to-coast violence against Asian communities in the U.S. in part because of this kind of political rhetoric; this is a continuation of the political rhetoric the Trump administration began.

Even more alarmingly, the EAGLE Act would invest half a billion dollars into producing, spreading, and legitimizing misinformation, propaganda, and rhetoric that demonizes China while overtly promoting U.S. interests. This includes a minimum of $50 million dollars in funding for Radio Free Asia, which began broadcasting propaganda to mainland China in 1951, and which even the New York Times has described as “an arm of the C.I.A.”

Ultimately, the EAGLE Act is a dangerous, wasteful, environmentally destructive, and racist bill that will exacerbate domestic and international issues that people in the U.S. currently face. Instead of addressing issues that impact the American people like nuclear proliferation, gun violence, and poor public health systems, the EAGLE Act would allocate billions to the military, enriching weapons contractors and risking the escalation of the U.S.'s next potential forever war. Please vote No on the EAGLE Act and use your power and authority in Congress to legislate solutions to humanity's greatest issues by cooperating and working with China.


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