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Why Do We Need Peace with China?

Check out the offerings below to learn more about why it's important to seek peace with China.


Banking on the Cold War?- Nikhil Pal Singh highlights that the Cold War says more about how U.S. elites imagined their “freedom” than it does about enabling other people to be free.

U.S. Cold War China Policy Will Isolate the U.S, Not China- by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies.

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki- John Pilger warns that we must act now to stop the catastrophe that devastated millions with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from happening to China. 

US China Cold War is Bigger Global Threat than Virus- Jeffrey Sachs notes that the deepening cold war between the U.S. and China will be a bigger worry for the world than coronavirus

Africa's Position in the New 'Cold War' - The former minister of Public Works in Liberia, W. Gyude Moore, details why China is a friend to Africa. 

Anti-war voices in US fight against domestic militarism - Medea Benjamin interview with Global Times on why China Is Not Our Enemy.

America’s Unholy Crusade Against China- Jeffrey Sachs article on China not being our enemy in Tikkun magazine 

The End of Engagement- Qiao Collective explores U.S.-China relations, noting that the U.S. is turning to hybrid war. 


No Cold War International Peace Forum- Activists and leading peace scholars such as CODEPINK's cofounder, Jodie Evans, Vijay Prashad, Kate Hudson, Julie Tang and many others discuss how to oppose the US-led New Cold War during this enlightening international peace forum. 

Pivot to Peace with China webinar- A new international peace movement, Pivot to Peace, opposes the current US military doctrine that is preparing this country for “major power conflict” with China. In this webinar, speakers highlight why we should return to a vision of peace. Speakers include Julie M. TangDing Bong Lee, Jill Stein, MD., Col. Ann Wright, Eugene Puryear,as well as many others. Watch here!

No To the Next Cold War: CODEPINK cofounder, Medea Benjamin and a number of other peace activists from across the globe, such as Margaret Kimberley, Vijay Prashad, Kate Hudson, Carlos Ron, and many others come together to launch a statement ‘A New Cold War Against China is Against the Interests of Humanity’ in this webinar. Watch here!

Articles about No To the Next Cold War webinar- U.S. attitude towards China threatens World Peace and Oppose A War with China!

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