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Episode 249: WANTED!

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, Marcy Winograd discusses the International Criminal Court's arrest warrants for Israeli leaders Netanyahu and Gallant, and three Hamas leaders for crimes against humanity. Guests Francis Boyle, an international law professor, and Sam Husseini, an independent journalist, analyze the legal and political implications of this and South Africa's World Court case against Israel for genocide in Gaza. Additionally, Thaer Dallasheh, a Los Angeles-based Palestinian 48er, shares insights from a recent CODEPINK teach-in.

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Episode 248: A Mothers' Call for Peace in Gaza

Join CODEPINK's Feminist Foreign Policy Project Coordinator, Grace Siegelman, as she interviews CODEPINK Co-founder Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Members Naseebah and Shaz and Raging Grannies Vicki and Mary as they discuss the importance of disrupting Congress on Mother's Day, what being a grandmother, mother and caretaker means within the movement for liberation and what more we can do everyday to fight for justice and liberation in Palestine and for the liberation of all peoples.

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Episode 247: Community Response to Oppression & Repression

Join CODEPINK'S Palestine Campaigner Nour for another episode from the university encampments in solidarity with Gaza. Listen to conversations with one of the marshals at DePaul University's student encampment, Yolanda Judeh, as well as Nour's mother, Osrie, as they reflect on the effects of oppression and repression on the structure of Palestinian communities. Yolanda shares her perspective from the United States while Osrie speaks about her experience growing up in the West Bank in Palestine.

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Episode 246: Live from the Encampments

Join CODEPINK Co-Director Danaka Katovich as she interviews Co-Founder Jodie Evans about her time at the UCLA and USC encampments for Gaza and CODEPINK's Grace Siegelman about her time at the Northwestern encampment. For the second half, Danaka and Nour report live from DePaul University's new encampment for Gaza.

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Episode 245: Discovering China in a hostile environment

Jodie and Megan talk about their work to lay a path to peace in the face of endless tentacles of the US driving a war on China and finishing our final guest Krista discussing the difficulties being a proud Chinese American

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Episode 244: Advocacy Across Decades

This week, join Julia Norman, CODEPINK's newest member, along with guests Paki Wieland and Mona Sadeq, as they discuss advocacy across decades, focusing on their experiences as activists for Palestine. They share insights on activism, particularly through women's organizations, and Mona leads a compelling conversation on responding urgently to the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

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Episode 243: Myths of Settler Colonialism

"In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, host Marcy Winograd talks to former State Department diplomat Ann Wright on challenging Israel's settler colonialism with an emergency flotilla to break the siege on Gaza. Nour, CODEPINK's Palestine campaigner, unpacks her paper, ""Israeli Greenwashing: The Myth of Environmentalism in a Settler Colonial State,"" and author and community organizer Eric Mann shares lessons from the 60s in building a powerful anti war movement."

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Episode 242: The Local Peace Economy

Tune in this week to learn all about the local peace economy - what is it, and why does it matter? We'll hear from CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans about why she started integrating local peace economy work into her anti-war activism and how you can begin to grow the local peace economy in your community. We'll also hear from presenters and attendees at the recent Bioneers conference in Berkeley, CA about how the local peace economy is alive in their lives right now. How do we grow the seeds of peace in our community? Join us to find out.

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Episode 241: Breaking Through the Propaganda

In the first half, CODEPINK Congress hosts Marcy Winograd and Medea Benjamin talk to Norman Solomon, author of "War Made Invisible," about strategies for breaking through war propaganda. In the second half Marcy interviews journalist Brian Mier on fascism in Brazil and amplifies the voice of Naledi Pandor, South Africa's minister of international relations. Pandor visited the US recently to defend against congressional attacks on South Africa for seeking to hold Israel accountable for genocide.

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Episode 240: Challenging Congress on Gaza

Tune in this week to hear from Moataz Salim and Julia Norman, two graduate students who walk the halls of Congress every day with CODEPINK. Hear their stories about encounters with members of Congress, hearings, and arrests.

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Episode 239: What Solidarity Demands of Us

Tune in this week as our Member & Youth Coordinator Jasmine hears from Chicago and Dallas organizers on what true solidarity looks like. Tamera of DFW offers wisdom on what solidarity demands of us in this moment and how we organize with clarity and discipline. On the second part of the show we'll hear an International Women's Day speech from Nour, CODEPINK's Palestine campaigner, and then we'll hear from CODEPINK's Co founder Jodie Evans on Hyperimperialism.

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Episode 238: Why Palestine is a Feminist Issue

Tune in as our CODEPINK Palestine Campaign Coordinator Nour and our Feminist Foreign Policy Proejct Coordinator Grace discuss why Palestine is a feminist issue, why Palestine is a reproductive justice issue, why we must be steadfast in our definition our feminism and our anti-war organizing is inherent to the feminist movement and reproductive justice! We will also hear about CODEPINK's International Women's Day 2024 Campaign and how to stay involved in our CODEPINK Palestine organizing all month long!

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Episode 237: Defeat Biden’s $95 Billion Supplemental

Tune in as we dissect the US Senate's recent $95 billion windfall to the weapons industry, spotlighting its alarming implications. From fueling conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine to escalating tensions with China, the bill prioritizes war over peace. With vital aid to Gaza under threat and a dangerous loophole empowering unchecked weapon shipments to Israel, urgent action is needed.

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Episode 236: Flooding Congress with Hearts and Stars. Ft Susan Sarandon

This week, join CODEPINK’s cofounder, Jodie Evans, as she leads a two-day effort in Congress with peace activists delivering valentines urging compassion and a ceasefire in Gaza. Follow along as actress and activist Susan Sarandon adds her influential voice, advocating for a ceasefire and UNRWA funding regardless of the personal costs.

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Episode 235: Here We Go Again: US Revives Aggression Against Venezuela

Join us for an enlightening hour of discussion with Carlos Ron Venezuela's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America. In today's episode, Teri Mattson and Carlos Ron delve into pressing US-Venezuelan foreign policy matters. Tune in as they dissect issues such as election interference by US and European Union actors, the implications of the Barbados agreement, and the illegal use of unilateral economic sanctions to shape Venezuelan domestic policy, including electoral outcomes.

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