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Episode 237: Defeat Biden’s $95 Billion Supplemental

Tune in as we dissect the US Senate's recent $95 billion windfall to the weapons industry, spotlighting its alarming implications. From fueling conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine to escalating tensions with China, the bill prioritizes war over peace. With vital aid to Gaza under threat and a dangerous loophole empowering unchecked weapon shipments to Israel, urgent action is needed.

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Episode 236: Flooding Congress with Hearts and Stars. Ft Susan Sarandon

This week, join CODEPINK’s cofounder, Jodie Evans, as she leads a two-day effort in Congress with peace activists delivering valentines urging compassion and a ceasefire in Gaza. Follow along as actress and activist Susan Sarandon adds her influential voice, advocating for a ceasefire and UNRWA funding regardless of the personal costs.

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Episode 235: Here We Go Again: US Revives Aggression Against Venezuela

Join us for an enlightening hour of discussion with Carlos Ron Venezuela's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America. In today's episode, Teri Mattson and Carlos Ron delve into pressing US-Venezuelan foreign policy matters. Tune in as they dissect issues such as election interference by US and European Union actors, the implications of the Barbados agreement, and the illegal use of unilateral economic sanctions to shape Venezuelan domestic policy, including electoral outcomes.

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Episode 234: Genocide!

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, Marcy Winograd shares how activists in Chicago pushed for a Gaza ceasefire resolution. Medea Benjamin discusses protests at Secretary of State Antony Blinken's home and CODEPINK's advocacy on Capitol Hill against arms sales to Israel. Later, Marcy interviews human rights attorney Francis Boyle about Israel's refusal to comply with World Court orders regarding Palestinians.

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Episode 233: Yemen, The "Houthis", and Palestine

Join CODEPINK's Danaka Katovich for an interview with Dr. Shireen Al-Adeimi, Dr. Aisha Jumaan and Jehan Hakim for an overview of Yemen. Topics include understanding the Houthis, US involvement, Yemen's activity in the Red Sea, and their solidarity with Palestine. Our 3 guests have worked to end US participation in Yemen's war.

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Episode 232: Taiwan and Kurt Campbell

Join CODEPINK China Is Not Our Enemy coordinator Cale Holmes as he speaks with journalist and peace activist KJ Noh for a debrief on Taiwan's recent elections and Professor Ken Hammond on why Biden is escalating tensions with China by choosing Kurt Campbell as his nominee for Deputy Secretary of State

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Episode 231: March 4 Gaza & the Importance of Intersectional Organizing for Palestine

Join CODEPINK's Grace as we discuss the March for Gaza in DC, CODEPINK's actions against Biden's bombing of Yemen, featuring Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans. Plus, insights from Alexis Judeh on advocating for Palestine. Emphasizing the vital solidarity work in the fight against US involvement in the Yemen war.

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Episode 230: Illness, Injury, and Illegality of Israel

Join CODEPINK's Jasmine as she talks with recent law graduate Jinan Chehade and medical student Belal about the global medical and legal professions' stance on Palestine. Hear their insights and aspirations for a future where professionals unite in the struggle to liberate Gaza and oppressed communities worldwide.

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Episode 229: Israel on Trial for Genocide

In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, Marcy Winograd interviews international law expert John Quigley, an advisor to South Africa in its case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). South Africa is charging Israel with genocide in Gaza, where Israel has killed an estimated 25,000 people, wounded 55,000 and displaced two million of Gaza's 2.3 million people, almost half of them children. Professor Emeritus Quigley served as an advocate and counsel to Bosnia in its ICJ genocide case in 1993 over ethnic cleansing.

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Episode 228: From Fargo to Washington DC: How Peace Was Present in 2023

Join Danaka Katovich for her discussion with two CODEPINK organizers in Fargo, North Dakota and the CODEPINK Co-Founder Medea Benjamin. The episode recaps the year CODEPINK had in Congress and discusses making change locally in places like Fargo, North Dakota.

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Episode 227: Beyond the Cold War: A Feminist Foreign Policy for the Asia-Pacific

Join Cale Holmes and Jodie Evans from CODEPINK's China is NOT our Enemy campaign as they invite journalist Li Jingjing, regional coordinator of the Korea Peace Now Grassroots Network Sheen Kim, Chamorro activist Monaeka Flores, and Former Co-Chair of the Asia+Oceania Subcommittee for Democratic Socialists of America Anlin Wang, to share their insights on what a pro-peace, feminist, decolonized, and sustainable foreign policy looks like in the Asia-Pacific region

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Episode 226: Palestine Will Never Die (Stop Censoring Palestine)

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, we are joined by hip-hop artist and activist, Lowkey. He shares his insights on the current protests, the ways institutions in Britain and the U.S. are pressured by the Zionist lobby, and the role of music and social media in the struggle for Palestinian liberation. We hear about the current struggle in Britain, and the intertwined complicity of Britain and the U.S. in Israel's genocidal war.

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Episode 225: Palestine on Capitol Hill

CODEPINK's Marcy Winograd speaks with Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, and Ann Wright, former State Department official, on growing congressional and labor support for a ceasefire in Gaza. This episode also includes an interview with William Deere, the executive director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNWRA), who talks about the challenges in providing relief to 2.3 million Gazans under Israeli bombardment with weapons paid for by US tax dollars.

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Episode 224: Teaching and Learning Palestine

On this episode of CODEPINK radio we discuss the crisis of disinformation, the work of educating young people on Palestine, and the connections between militarized and gender based violence. Our guest is Sirajum Sandhi, a NYC based gender based violence advocate and educator.

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Episode 223: Feminism in War: Rejecting the Dehumanization of Palestinian Men

Guests: George Rishmawi and Ameera. On this episode of CODEPINK radio we discuss the importance of highlighting the plight of Palestinian men and how their liberation is a goal of international feminism. Our compassion for Palestinians can't stop at "women and children". See George's work in Palestine

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