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Episode 256: What is the root of peace?

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans talks with two local peace economy organizers, Caroline Woolard and Severine von Tscharner Fleming, about what they've learned along the way as they've pivoted away from the war economy and cultivated local peace economies where they live. We're not going to end war until we end the war economy. What does it take to do this? Caroline and Severine's stories are full of rich lessons for us all as we work to seed peace within our communities.

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Episode 255: Independence Day for Who? US Intervention in Haiti & Bolivia

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, Co-Director Danaka Katovich interviews CODEPINK East Coast Organizer Krys Cerisier about the upcoming invasion of Haiti, the history of US intervention, and what to expect in the coming weeks. Then Danaka is joined by Ollie Vargas, a journalist with Red Media to talk about the recent coup attempt in Bolivia and the history of US backing of right wing governments in the country.

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Episode 254: From Palestine to Ukraine

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, organizer Marcy Winograd and CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin talk about the organization’s latest campaign — and the No to NATO, Yes to Peace movement. Then Marcy and Medea host Vijay Prashad, Director of the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research on shifting narratives that challenge the U.S. empire.

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Episode 253: Dissecting Israeli Pinkwashing and PR Campaigns

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, CODEPINK's West Coast Organizer Ryan Wentz is joined by Rami Kablawi, a Palestinian organizer and writer. Listen to the two discuss how Israel's PR campaigns target Westerners and how the campaigns create an idea of Israel that flies in the face of reality.

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Episode 251: No Pride in Genocide!

As Pride Month begins, CODEPINK's Tim Biondo talks about the connections between the struggles for queer liberation and Palestinian liberation. Samer, a Palestinian artist & organizer in Chicago, breaks down pinkwashing and shares insights from organizing critically within queer spaces. Drag queen & comedian Lady Bunny reflects on her politicization against war and the state of the gay movement.

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Episode 250: People's Conference for Palestine + All Eyes On Rafah

Join CODEPINK's Member & Youth Coordinator Jasmine and our Palestine Campaigner Nour as they recap the People's Conference for Palestine held in Detroit, MI over the weekend. Then hear Nour's expert opinions on the ongoing invasion of Rafah and why we must escalate for Palestine.

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Episode 249: WANTED!

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, Marcy Winograd discusses the International Criminal Court's arrest warrants for Israeli leaders Netanyahu and Gallant, and three Hamas leaders for crimes against humanity. Guests Francis Boyle, an international law professor, and Sam Husseini, an independent journalist, analyze the legal and political implications of this and South Africa's World Court case against Israel for genocide in Gaza. Additionally, Thaer Dallasheh, a Los Angeles-based Palestinian 48er, shares insights from a recent CODEPINK teach-in.

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Episode 248: A Mothers' Call for Peace in Gaza

Join CODEPINK's Feminist Foreign Policy Project Coordinator, Grace Siegelman, as she interviews CODEPINK Co-founder Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Members Naseebah and Shaz and Raging Grannies Vicki and Mary as they discuss the importance of disrupting Congress on Mother's Day, what being a grandmother, mother and caretaker means within the movement for liberation and what more we can do everyday to fight for justice and liberation in Palestine and for the liberation of all peoples.

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Episode 247: Community Response to Oppression & Repression

Join CODEPINK'S Palestine Campaigner Nour for another episode from the university encampments in solidarity with Gaza. Listen to conversations with one of the marshals at DePaul University's student encampment, Yolanda Judeh, as well as Nour's mother, Osrie, as they reflect on the effects of oppression and repression on the structure of Palestinian communities. Yolanda shares her perspective from the United States while Osrie speaks about her experience growing up in the West Bank in Palestine.

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Episode 246: Live from the Encampments

Join CODEPINK Co-Director Danaka Katovich as she interviews Co-Founder Jodie Evans about her time at the UCLA and USC encampments for Gaza and CODEPINK's Grace Siegelman about her time at the Northwestern encampment. For the second half, Danaka and Nour report live from DePaul University's new encampment for Gaza.

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Episode 245: Discovering China in a hostile environment

Jodie and Megan talk about their work to lay a path to peace in the face of endless tentacles of the US driving a war on China and finishing our final guest Krista discussing the difficulties being a proud Chinese American

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Episode 244: Advocacy Across Decades

This week, join Julia Norman, CODEPINK's newest member, along with guests Paki Wieland and Mona Sadeq, as they discuss advocacy across decades, focusing on their experiences as activists for Palestine. They share insights on activism, particularly through women's organizations, and Mona leads a compelling conversation on responding urgently to the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

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Episode 243: Myths of Settler Colonialism

"In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, host Marcy Winograd talks to former State Department diplomat Ann Wright on challenging Israel's settler colonialism with an emergency flotilla to break the siege on Gaza. Nour, CODEPINK's Palestine campaigner, unpacks her paper, ""Israeli Greenwashing: The Myth of Environmentalism in a Settler Colonial State,"" and author and community organizer Eric Mann shares lessons from the 60s in building a powerful anti war movement."

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