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Episode 224: Teaching and Learning Palestine

On this episode of CODEPINK radio we discuss the crisis of disinformation, the work of educating young people on Palestine, and the connections between militarized and gender based violence. Our guest is Sirajum Sandhi, a NYC based gender based violence advocate and educator.

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Episode 223: Feminism in War: Rejecting the Dehumanization of Palestinian Men

Guests: George Rishmawi and Ameera. On this episode of CODEPINK radio we discuss the importance of highlighting the plight of Palestinian men and how their liberation is a goal of international feminism. Our compassion for Palestinians can't stop at "women and children". See George's work in Palestine

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Special episode: From The Bronx to Gaza

Tune into this special radio episode as we delve into the heartfelt reflections of Chantal O'Brien, who formed a profound bond with a Palestinian family living in the dire straits of war-torn Gaza. Her poignant connection humanizes the devastating reality faced by countless victims of Israel's war crimes - they're not just numbers, nor collateral damage. They have names, faces, hopes, and dreams that carry on amidst a backdrop of fear and violence. In bringing light to these narratives, Chantal emphasizes the urgency to acknowledge the Palestinian crisis from a perspective that is often neglected - the personal one. Listen, reflect and get a deeper insight into the true impacts of war and violence in Gaza.

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Episode 222: Censored? Viva Palestina!

In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, we bring you a recent CODEPINK Congress program to uplift the voices of Palestinian resistance and expose those who seek to censor them. Guests include: Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, exec. dir., American Muslims for Palestine; Zahra Billo, exec. dir., CAIR-San Francisco/Bay Area; Lara Sheehi, assistant professor of clinical psychology at George Washington University; Soetkin Van Muylem, activist with Vrede, a peace group in Belgium. Co-hosts Marcy Winograd and Medea Benjamin discuss with their guests acts of global resistance to Israeli genocide in Gaza.

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Episode 221: Disarming the Discourse. How the Media Pushes War on China

Join us on this episode of CODEPINK Radio as we unpack the manipulative portrayal of China in Western media. Learn how to separate fact from fiction, understand the motivation behind these falsehoods, and contribute to building bridges, not walls, between nations. Together, we can combat these dangerous narratives, fostering a world of peace, not perpetual warfare. Don't miss it.

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Episode 220: Palestine is a Feminist and Youth Issue

Join CODEPINK Radio as we discuss the current moment of Palestinian youth and student organizing. We are joined by Laila of the US Palestininan Community Network. She is also a designer and photographer. We will discuss the importance of contextualizing the Palestinian liberation movement, what it means to be in the street in solidarity with the Palestinian people and what mass mobilization can do for the Palestinian struggle and the struggle of all people seeking justice. Additionally, we will also hear from Medea Benjamin, who will give insights about CODEPINK's recent disruption of Antony Blinken's Senate hearing.

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Episode 219: Venezuela: Licenses are just band-aids

On this episode of CODEPINK Radio we explore the recent temporary licenses granted by the US Treasury Department for activities in Venezuela's sanctioned sectors, Journalist Ricardo Vaz from Venezuela Analysis will provide an on-the-ground perspective on these developments and the situation of Venezuelan migrants reaching our borders. We also have special guest Adrienne Pine, who will share her experience as part of the recent CODEPINK and Task Force on the Americas delegation to Venezuela.

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Episode 218: Emergency Solidarity for Palestine

Join CODEPINK Radio as we urgently call for a halt to US weapons for Israel’s murderous ethnic cleansing in Gaza, as well as support for an immediate ceasefire and establishment of humanitarian corridors– an end to all the killing and occupation of Palestine.

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Episode 217: 11 Arrested at Bernie Sanders' Office

CODEPINK's Marcy Winograd, also co-chair of the Peace in Ukraine Coalition, takes us to Capitol Hill, where Senator Bernie Sanders' office had eleven peace activists arrested on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, for holding up signs to promote a diplomatic resolution to the Russia Ukraine-NATO war. Tune in for highlights from the Global Days of Action for Peace in Ukraine, including a keynote speech by Dr. Cornel West at a DC rally for urgent diplomacy, not more weapons to continue a war that can only be resolved at the negotiating table.

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Episode 216: All Power Books: Lessons in Mutual Aid & Internationalism

In this episode we delve deep into the concept of mutual aid and internationalism with Savannah, Cat, and Nato of All Power Books. Our host, Danaka, leads the discussion as the panel discusses the difference between charity and truly challenging the status quo to build a more just and equitable society. Listen in as they explore how we can come together as a community to uplift one another and work towards real, systemic change.

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Episode 215: Global Days of Action for Peace in Ukraine

In this episode, Marcy Winograd and Medea Benjamin, co-hosts of CODEPINK Congress, talk about the Global Days of Action (Sept. 30-Oct. 8th) for peace in Ukraine. From banner drops to petition drives to delegations on Capitol Hill and beyond, CODEPINK and the Peace in Ukraine Coalition will call for a mutual ceasefire, negotiations without preconditions and investments in urgent needs at home, not more weapons to escalate the war. During the second half of this episode, CODEPINK activist Eddy MacGregor shares her experience protesting test launches of nuclear missiles at Vandenberg Space Force Base, and academics and journalists critique the language and euphemisms of war as documented in the new language guide, "Words About War Matter."

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Episode 214: The Cost of Making China Our Enemy

In today's show, Cale Holmes and Jodie Evans interview John Pang, an international relations analyst interested in framing the political theology of global affairs discourse, especially as it applies to China, East Asia, and the question of world order. Cale also shares about his recent encounter at a congressional armed services committee hearing over weapons sales to Taiwan

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Episode 213: War is NOT peace, War is NOT Green

In today’s radio show, Matthew Hoh and Assal Radow will shed light on how the US government exploited the 9/11 tragedy to escalate surveillance and instill fear in Muslim and Arab communities, all in the name of “freedom”. Additionally, climate justice advocate Alexia Leclercq will discuss the role of international cooperation and peace in combating the climate crisis, emphasizing the crucial need to put an end to wars.

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Episode 212: Ecuador's Presidential Election heads to a Second Round in October

In the latest episode of CODEPINK radio, Ecuador's Presidential Election is in focus as it heads to a second round in October. The leading candidate, Luisa Gonzalez, of the Movimiento Revolución Ciudadana party, promises to improve public spending and social programs and tackle the root causes of violence in the country. Daniel Noboa, son of banana businessman Alvaro Noboa, emerged as the surprise second-place finisher. CODEPINK's guest, Pilar Troya, an Ecuadorian feminist anthropologist, joins the show to offer her insights into the election. As Ecuador navigates this turbulent political climate, stay tuned to CODEPINK radio for all the latest updates.

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Episode 211: Climate Justice, Peace, and Art!

"CODEPINK wrapped up our Summer of Peace where we had actions and events all over the country. We’re bringing this momentum with us to the streets of NYC for the March to End Fossil Fuels and Intl. Day of Peace at the UN. This summer was the hottest on records and endless wars continue to ravage communities and ecosystems across the world. We’ll be talking today with Drew Hudson of Beyond Extreme Energy about how important it is to have an anti-militarism lens in climate activism and with Cesar Maxit, an art-tivist on the role of the arts in movement spaces. "

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