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Stop the Hate on AAPI

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To Secretary Blinken To stop endangering Asians at home and abroad

Resources/Mutual Aid for AAPI Community

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The Effect on Asian Americans - Pathways to Peace: China is Not Our Enemy | Humanity Rising 

Watch this Pathways to Peace episode on the toll the war on China is taking on Asian Americans.

China Is Not Our Enemy with Rob Kajiwara

Listen to Rob Kajiwara, founder of Peace for Okinawa Coalition, tell CODEPINK about the harm done by US and Japanese militarism.

Dragon Ladies, Sex, Nuclear Weapons, and Death Webinar

Three young Asian American organizers discuss the interconnections between the fetishization of Asian women, racialized violence, and US imperialist warmongering on a transnational level. 

US Foreign Policy Towards China and Its Impact on Racism Against Asians Nationally and in Boston

Watch this webinar that breaks down the link between American militarism and anti-Asian hate, co-sponsored by the US-China Peoples Friendship Association and the Institute for Asian American Studies, University of Massachusetts – Boston.


US Militarization of Guam & the Northern Marianas: Lived Impacts of the US War on China  Watch our conversation on how US militarism and its war on China affects Indigenous Pacific Islanders in Gram (Guåhan) and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 

Frontlines of the U.S. war on China: Japan & Okinawa - Jodi Evans in Conversation with Sayo Saruta 

Check out our discussion on US military base expansion in Japan and how residents of Okinawa feel about being in the crosshairs of the US war on China.