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Excerpt from Is it so Un-American to care? by Danaka Katovich

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On Nakba Day and every day, we defend Palestinians’ right under international law to return to their rightful homeland.


Join CODEPINK's Feminist Foreign Policy Project Coordinator, Grace Siegelman, as she interviews CODEPINK Co-founder Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Members Naseebah and Shaz and Raging Grannies Vicki and Mary as they discuss the importance of disrupting Congress on Mother's Day, what being a grandmother, mother and caretaker means within the movement for liberation and what more we can do everyday to fight for justice and liberation in Palestine and for the liberation of all peoples. 


How to Wear a Keffiyeh


Grandmas Sing for Peace and Justice in Palestine and around the world


Responding to Lindsey Graham's Endorsement of Nuclear Warfare





SANTA MONICA DEMANDS A CEASEFIRE! Late last night, Santa Monica City Council passed a Ceasefire Resolution joining a long line of cites across the country demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution was originally drafted by Justice4Palestine-LA and endorsed by CODEPINK, Jewish Voice for Peace, Westside4Palestine, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Interfaith Communities United for Peace and Justice, and IfNotNow.

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@codepinkalert We disrupted Rep. Mike Lawler’s press conference about Americans victims of state-sponsored terrorism to say: What about Palestinian Americans killed by Israel? Israel is a terrorist state! @medeabenjamin @ahmedtheegyptian8backup ♬ original sound - CODEPINK

STOP ARMING ISRAEL! Congress wants to force the Biden admin to send more weapons to Israel, but they don’t need to! His administration assured them today that they are still sending more and more weapons to Israel to continue the genocide in Gaza. Shame!

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