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Support Encampments Against Genocide!

Join us in supporting the biggest student-led anti-war movement since the 1960s protests against the Vietnam War. As encampments spread across the country and the globe, students and their allies are peacefully rising up to call for divestment from Israel’s horrific oppression of Palestinians. Instead of supporting and protecting students calling for peace and justice, many school administrations are bowing to pressure from the terrorist Zionist lobby and its allies in Congress by calling police forces to violently crack down on students on their campuses.  

Support Student Demands! 

  • Disclose investments, budgets, and holdings of their universities
  • Divest from companies that advance Palestinian suffering and profit off the occupation 
  • Acknowledge and condemn the ongoing genocide in Gaza 
  • Eliminate study abroad trips to Israel that discriminate against Palestinians and normalize Israel’s occupation
  • End any research or collaborative relationships with Israeli Universities, which develop weapons and systems that oppress, control, imprison, and murder Palestinians
  • Establish an ethical advisory committee on investment responsibility that includes students, faculty, and staff
  • Creation of an Arab/SWANA Student Center
  • Amnesty for student protesters, organizers, and supporting faculty

Get Organized & Take Action!

  1. Sign the letter to university administrations
  2. Write to the media demanding they accurately cover student protests against genocide. Check out our media guide.
    Talking points by writer Linda Milazzo: When the media LIES that the protests are directed at Jews, including Jewish students, tell them to STOP LYING. There is only ONE REASON why students are protesting on campuses. It is to PROTEST THE GENOCIDE IN GAZA and demand their schools divest from all financial dealings with Israel. The zionists are LYING by framing the protests as anti-semitic.
  3. Follow the leading student organizations on social media and amplify their alerts and requests widely
  4. Be ready to show up in person when students need community help 
  5. Be visible and join people encampments happening this summer
  6. Submit your encampment photos, videos and reports here!