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Tell The House Foreign Affairs Committee: YOU FAILED!

We are over 130 days into Israel’s genocide campaign in Gaza and over 28k Palestinians have been murdered by Israel. The 2 million Gazans that are still alive are displaced, running out of food, lacking reliable access to healthcare and clean water, and under constant threat of Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire. Now, Rafah, where 1.4 million Gazans are displaced in tents and makeshift shelters, is being targeted by the Israeli military as Netanyahu prepares for a ground invasion. 

Israel is forcing two options on the Palestinians in Gaza: flee to Egypt or be killed. In the face of this nightmare Gazans are experiencing, the US government has taken no significant action to stop Israel. Instead, the Biden Administration spent the last few days wagging its finger at Netanyahu while doing NOTHING to actually stop the genocide and the House Foreign Affairs Committee recently voted in favor of defunding UNRWA. They have failed miserably. Send a “report card” to the representatives of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to tell them: You FAILED!