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Support CODEPINK in 2024

Thank you for being a peacemaker as we begin our 21st year.

 For 21 years, we’ve been disrupting and organizing with your love, support, and generosity. Your support has never been more crucial as we continue to march forward for peace and justice.

This year:

  • We will continue to stand with Palestine and disrupt every financial institution, lobbying group, and weapons manufacturer that is complicit in the abhorrent genocide against the Palestinian people.
  • We will continue to demand negotiations in Ukraine—and create more educational materials exposing the architects and profiteers of this war.
  • We will connect the dots between sanctions and migration, to highlight the devastating impact of U.S. economic policies on Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • We will unmask the cost of U.S. aggression on China— the rise of anti-Asian hate, broken promises around climate cooperation, and the militarization of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • We will disrupt everything, including the 2024 Democratic Convention in Chicago, and demand accountability from our political leaders, the media, and weapons companies for repeating the same lies, silencing the peacemakers, and feeding the war machine for over 20 years.

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