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There is so much false reporting and deliberate false narratives being pushed that it is easy for anyone to get confused. Join our cofounder Jodie Evans along with our co-director Danaka Katovich and our Palestine campaign organizer Nour Jaghama as they debunk some of the misinformation around Palestine - check out The Missing Peace!

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On this episode of CODEPINK Radio, we are joined by hip-hop artist and activist, Lowkey. He shares his insights on the current protests, the ways institutions in Britain and the U.S. are pressured by the Zionist lobby, and the role of music and social media in the struggle for Palestinian liberation. We hear about the current struggle in Britain, and the intertwined complicity of Britain and the U.S. in Israel's genocidal war.


Mainstream media often portrays China as a threat endangering Asian American communities. it’s vital we have a fair and balanced understanding of a society with 1.4 billion people. Here’s how you can spot disinformation and promote peace in the Asia-Pacific!

Check out our new Disarm the Discourse toolkit



Congressional Days of Actions for Palestine. Dec 12 to 15


Col. (ret) Ann Wright Challenges Weapons Transfers to Ukraine & Israel at UN Security Council


Beyond the Cold War: A Feminist Foreign Policy for the Asia-Pacific


Nour Jaghama, CODEPINK's Palestinian organizer live on Al Jazeera




@codepinkalert CEASEFIRE NOW! As Israel continues to commit atrocities against Palestinians with US weapons, Senator Duckworth has continued to lie & justify this senseless violence. Today, we delivered thousands of signatures to her demanding she call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. #palestine #gaza #illinois #politics #usa #news #freepalestine #antiwar #peace ♬ original sound - CODEPINK

"Through economic development, you can forever have peace and stability." Last week, journalist Li Jingjing shared stories from her time covering Belt & Road initiatives across the world in our "Feminist View of the New Cold War" webinar. Watch the whole conversation on our YouTube channel!

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@codepinkalert "If I must die, let it bring hope." Teachers and educators gathered today in Congress to demand a ceasefire. They took time to read the last poem written by Refaat Alaleer a beloved professor murdered by Israel. His "crime?" Education. #CeasefireNOW ♬ original sound - CODEPINK
@codepinkalert THE WORLD WANTS A CEASEFIRE! CODEPINK's Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin are in New York today, protesting and visiting the United Nations to address the Security Council about the urgent need for a ceasefire in Palestine and Ukraine. It is shameful that the United States continues to block peaceful resolution of conflicts around the world while sending weapons and troops with no regard for civilian safety. FREE PALESTINE! CEASEFIRE NOW! #freepalestine #newyork #nyc #protest #politics #usa #gaza #ukraine #peaceinukraine ♬ original sound - CODEPINK

Getting through to senators is a real challenge these days. They're scared of the majority in the US calling for a ceasefire. Police or no police: No peace for politicians until there's peace in Palestine!

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As we visited our senators' offices today, we couldn't help but notice many displaying the Israeli flag. A quick look at AIPAC funding and suddenly everything makes sense! Ask your Senator to represent us, not Israel! No more $$ for Israel's crimes.

♬ original sound - Medea Benjamin