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Tell the Senate to Reject Campbell as Deputy Secretary of State!

Biden has chosen Kurt Campbell as his nominee for Deputy Secretary of State, an office tasked with diplomacy. But Campbell’s record is anything but diplomatic. From co-founding a think tank backed by weapons contractors to expanding the military encirclement of China, his career has been spent on pushing war. Tell the Senate Foreign Relations Committee we don’t want another war hawk in government.

Don’t let Congress approve another war-monger! Sign the petition below.

To Members of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,

President Joe Biden has tapped Kurt Campbell for Deputy Secretary of State. We urge you to reject his appointment for the sake of China-US relations, global human security, and environmental protection.

Campbell represents multiple decades of misguided American priorities that have kept our troops in Iraq and allowed for fossil fuel interests to dominate our foreign policy. 

As the co-founder of the Center for a New American Security, which receives donations from weapons contractors and oil companies, he has pushed for a pro-war agenda that puts profits first and the planet last.

During his time in the Obama administration, he designed the pivot to Asia which resulted in increased troop deployments and base expansions in the region. 

US military expansion under the pivot to Asia has led to rising levels of soil and water pollution, murder and sexual violence at the hands of American military personnel in Okinawa and the Philippines, and increased tensions with another nuclear-armed state, China.

It's time to truly restore normal ties with China. Campbell's appointment would not be beneficial for bilateral relations. At the State Department, our hopes for restoring normal ties would be close to zero based on his track record of pushing war and aggression.

His career interests are not in our national interests, the interests of people in the Asia-Pacific, or the interest of Mother Earth. If you truly seek a safe, peaceful, and habitable world, reject Campbell as Deputy Secretary of State.


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