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Call on the New York Times to have journalistic integrity!

The temporary “ceasefire” is over and it’s been nearly two months since Israel began its devastating assault on Gaza, killing 15,500 people so far. We would never know the scale of this horror if it were not for journalists on the ground in Gaza who have been bravely broadcasting Israel’s crimes against them. Western media such as the New York Times and other mainstream Western media outlets have failed to accurately report on the attack and have contributed to the widespread misinformation and propaganda, which has helped Israel continue its genocide in Palestine. Although the truth was being broadcasted in Gaza for the world to see, the New York Times decided it had a greater commitment to profit and imperialism. This has become increasingly clear as the attack on Gaza continues, and they have no choice but to recognize their wrongdoing and change their course if they want to retain any credibility.

Call on the New York Times to have journalistic integrity by sending them the letter below!