Pelosi (and Congress) suffering from amnesia?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

I remember clearly when Speaker Pelosi made statements last year about not intending to push her colleagues to approve more funding for Afghanistan the next time President Obama came asking. I remember because it was one of my few "yay Nancy" moments. They don't happen often honestly. So when I read today's piece on Fox's blog "Pelosi Tries To Find Votes to Fund Afghan War" I thought someone MUST BE  suffering from memory loss. Was it me? Was it Nancy? All of Congress even??

Nope. Not me. Here's a piece from December of 2009 (so long ago) from McClatchy News "Pelosi: Obama's on his own to win money for Afghan buildup" and somehow, upon my discovery, I don't really feel vindicated. More like sick to my stomach OR waiting for the next article that explains there is some sort of virus (or monster) stealing everyone's memories in Congress. Or possibly revealing that Congress's way of dealing with the trauma of funding war, occupation, death, destruction and the like, they must suppress their memories (even from 5 months ago) to just get on with business as usual.

Investigative reporters of the world: Do I have to spell it out any clearer? Monsters, memory loss, PTSD...get on it!

Oh and in case you were wondering, here is my favorite quote from today's article:

“I think he understands full-well how important (success) is to us,” said Pelosi. “We’re only there for our national security.”


Investigative reporters: Possible instance of brain transplants, cloning, war hawk virus...

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