May 16

Inspiration for Your Friday

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Janet WeilCODEPINK has always had a magical, trickster energy, from the very name of the organization...
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Dec 21

US Visitors Protesting Cayman Islands Tax Haven Find Another Hidden Treasure Chest

Posted by CODEPINK StaffMedea BenjaminWhile lawmakers in Washington DC are debating how to solve the fiscal cliff, a group of...
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Dec 20

Senator Harry Reid and Guns: Time to Take a Stand

Posted by CODEPINK StaffMedea BenjaminWhen CODEPINK, MoveOn and representatives of other organizations marched into Senator Harry Reid’s DC office on...
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Apr 05

The 2012 NDAA: Is this really happening?

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Tamara CushwayI recently watched the movie J. Edgar, a biography of the J. Edgar Hoover/FBI story. ...
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Dec 15

Why The 2012 NDAA Is Bad News

Posted by CODEPINK Staffposted by Sharon Miller, CODEPINK San Francisco internDo you remember the Fiscal Year 2012 National Defense Authorization...
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Sep 27

Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes.

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFor those who follow political news, you'll recognize the title of this post as a quote from...
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Aug 26

MLK Warned Us, But Are We Listening?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffWhen a frack-quake cracks the Washington monument just as a memorial for civil rights and anti-war organizer...
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Aug 08

Does Your Congressperson Represent You - or Israel?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Medea BenjaminIn this time of economic austerity, when jobs are being slashed and Americans are fearful...
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Aug 01

Rich Man's Coup of America and Women's Challenge

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCODEPINK is leading the nonviolent resistance to the rich man's coup of America. Join us by commenting...
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Jul 28

A Devastating Conversation with My Representative, Waxman

Posted by CODEPINK StaffToday, CODEPINK met with two members of Congress, Representative Sherman and Representative Waxman. Our co-founder, Jodie Evans,...
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