Sep 24

Violation of International Law: Where is Obama’s “Authorization to Use Force” in Iraq

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThere was much enthusiasm in 2008 that President Barack Obama would bring a saner and more lawful...
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Sep 11

CODEPINK rejects President Obama's escalation of US military involvement in the Middle East

Posted by CODEPINK StaffIt is with great sorrow that we listened to President Obama’s speech about escalating US military intervention...
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Sep 11

The name of the Goddess

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Genevieve VaughanThe escalation towards war is continuing, the media is beating the drum and tension is...
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Oct 27

Canada’s Justice Department Reviews Torture Opponents' Request to Bar Dick Cheney or Prosecute Him

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCanada’s Justice Department Reviews Torture Opponents' Request to Bar Dick Cheney or Prosecute HimFormer U.S. Vice President...
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Jun 28

Whistleblowers are the Nation's Conscience

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Allie FryBefore starting my internship with CODEPINK, I knew very little about Bradley Manning. What I...
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Apr 23

Bush’s legacy ought to be on trial--Instead, it's put on display

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Jodie Evans and Charles Davis George W. Bush presided over an international network of torture chambers and,...
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Aug 24

Mad Women Descend on the Republican Convention

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Rae Abileah  “When one door closes, another dress opens,” says an ad exec on HBO’s hit...
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Jun 14

Hors d’oevres and trophies for the militant, starvation and death for the peaceful civilian athlete

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Mosab QashooIn a cruel twist of irony, Israeli President Shimon Peres was honoredWednesday night with the...
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May 30

Obama and Drone Warfare: Will Americans Speak Out?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffOn May 29, The New York Times published an extraordinarily in-depth look at the intimate role President...
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May 24

Note to NATO: war and occupation in Afghanistan will not empower women!

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Sharon MillerThis past week, CODEPINKers were among thousands of activists who gathered to speak out against NATO...
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