war funding

Jul 07

#AskObama Town Hall: What Obama Didn’t Talk About

Posted by CODEPINK StaffYesterday President Obama held the first Twitter Town Hall at the White House where he fielded questions...
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Jul 15

Afghan Envoy Holbrooke and Senate in La La Land

Posted by CODEPINK Staff“Man, those dudes are in La La Land,” a young intern said to me on the way...
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May 13

Pelosi (and Congress) suffering from amnesia?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffI remember clearly when Speaker Pelosi made statements last year about not intending to push her colleagues...
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Jun 12

See Jane Kick Some Ass

Posted by CODEPINK StaffJane Hamsher Wants YOU (to call Congress and tell \'em to stop funding war!)
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Apr 10

Official release: CODEPINK calls on Congress to reject Obama request for $83 billion for wars

Posted by CODEPINK StaffWASHINGTON -- Representing the voice of millions of Americans and those worldwide, CODEPINK calls on Congress to...
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