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Tell Congress to Cease Hostility Toward Venezuela

It's bad enough that the U.S. government has repeatedly supported coup-attempts in Venezuela, and imposed hurtful economic sanctions on the Venezuelan people. It is now seeking to add to those sanctions. This December marks 200 years since the speech that created the Monroe Doctrine. Enough is enough. At long last it is time for friendship and cooperation rather than imperialism from the United States in the Americas.

Join CODEPINK, RootsAction and Word Beyond War as we Tell Congress to Cease Hostility Toward Venezuela!

Bills Currently Under Consideration in Congress:

S.995 - Venezuelan Democracy Act. This bill would sanction Venezuela until the government is overthrown.

H.R.4086 / S.1931 - AFFECT Human Rights in Venezuela Act. This bill is designed to seek negative information on the Venezuelan government. That information might be true or not, but it is notably not sought on the much-worse governments of loyal U.S. weapons customers, and it is not used to promote self-governance -- rather, foreign governance.

Another bill is coming soon.