Feb 24

Delegation Report from November Election Crisis in Honduras

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Feb 20

Latin America

Tell Senator Rick Scott that Cuba’s medical missions are an example of solidarity we should imitate, not sanction!  Stop ICE...
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Nov 29

Urgent Action: Contact Congress and US Embassy to Stop Theft of Honduras Election

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Jul 23

Time for President Zelaya to Return to Honduras

Posted by CODEPINK StaffIt’s been almost a month since the military rousted Honduran President Zelaya from his bed at gunpoint...
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Jul 06

Hondurans Pour Into The Streets Demanding Zelaya's Return

Posted by CODEPINK StaffTEGUCIGALPA --The day started out full of joy, as thousands of Hondurans converged in front of the...
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Jul 02

Hondurans Call Out for Help from the International Community

Posted by CODEPINK StaffOur emergency international delegation to Honduras, organized from the United States by CODEPINK, Global Exchange and Non-Violence...
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