Recent Actions

Nov 20

ABC, Invite CODEPINK's A-Team!

Email George Stephanopolos to request CODEPINK's appearance on ABC's "This Week"!
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Nov 08

RE/MAX's dirty little secret: join us in our new campaign!

Help stop the US-based real estate company RE/MAX from selling Israeli settlement homes.
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Oct 18

Black Lives Matter! Ferguson Weekend of Resistance!

Sign our Revolutionary Youth Manifesto!
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Oct 13

On the Verge of Death

Email the State Department and Egyptian Embassy calling on them to free Mohamed now!
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Jul 15

Israel compassionate?

Tell CNN now: Stop downplaying Palestinian suffering!
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Jul 10

Gaza Under Attack

Tell Obama and Congress to push for a ceasefire now!
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Jun 27

Tell Senator Leahy to Stop Sending Aid to Egypt!

A Letter from Nahla Nasser asking you to tell Senator Leahy to stop sending US aid to Egypt.
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May 14

Join Our No Drones Rally in Philadelphia Led by Medea Benjamin!

Medea's book tour: Saturday rally against drones!
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May 09

$650 Million to Egypt While Soltan is Dying

Over 100 days of a hunger strike.
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