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Feb 03

Tell Your Congressperson to #SkipTheSpeech!

Email your Congressperson today and tell them to skip Netanyahu’s speech!
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Feb 02

Shall We Dance On V-Day?

Come RISE with us in celebration and in defiance of injustice and an end to violence on our planet!
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Jan 30

Je Suis "Low-Life Scum"

Attempting a citizens' arrest of Henry Kissinger!
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Jan 29

American Sniper is NOT a Hero!

Join us in protesting anti-Arab racism and whitewashing of American crimes in the Iraq War!
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Jan 28

John Kerry: Your friends are creepy

Tell Secretary of State John Kerry that it’s time stop the cozy relationship between the United States and Egypt and...
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Jan 22

Refreshing to hear Obama say...

Send a note to your Senator and tell them you want diplomacy with Iran, not more sanctions!
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Jan 17

Join Us to #ShutDownCreech!

#NoDrones Protest at Creech Air Force Base
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Jan 15

Radical, Principled, and Uncompromising: Take the pledge to resist and #ReclaimMLK

Honor Dr. King's memory.
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Dec 31

Gutsy: Support CODEPINK with a generous year-end donation!

From Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern
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Dec 18

Tis the season to #BoycottRE/MAX

Join our new campaign: Boycott RE/MAX: No Open House on Stolen Land
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