A Summer of Peace Economy


This has been a full Summer for the Local Peace Economies! Check out what we have been up to:

How will the transition from a war economy to a peace economy look like? How will we build it? We all participate in different economies, we all invest our time, energy and resources in different practices, both extractive and regenerative. Divesting from the extractive war economy means taking power away from it, and instead building a just peace economy, which is based in cooperation and equity. Learn more about how to start growing your local peace economy here!
Early in July, we launched our LPE map, where you can learn about projects, organizations, people, stories, information, and opportunities to build community and sustainability locally and globally. Connect with people and grow the global justice movement! Are you building a regenerative project? Get in the map!
The Pop Up for Peace gatherings happening across the country and the world are nourishing communities and opening hearts. We heard about them at the RNC and DNC. In Cleveland, we learned that April Stoltz had turned her's into a “Teatime for Peace,” a space for the Muslim and wider community to have conversations about Islamophobia and faith. She shared that “events like these are the antidote to the hatred, fear, and bigotry.” Join April in growing resilient communities.
We attended the Festival Da Utopia in Brazil from June 22-16 to share the Local Peace Economy vision with other 15,000 people. Edgard Gouveia Jr. of Brazil shared how he is using games to engage youth in growing their local peace economies. In one of these games, youth are asking the community to engage with them to supply safe space to work, which totally changes the relationship of the community to the youth.
On June 29, people came to the How to Let Go Of The World documentary screening. As we learned with the film, it may be too late to stop some of the worst consequences of climate change, there will be lots of changes, but what can we do to build strong and resilient communities and make this a just and peaceful transition into a new way of living? We need to ensure we are creating loving, safe, and just spaces as we face the challenging times ahead.
In July, we facilitated our first Just Transition Discussion Circle in Los Angeles, CA. People gathered to talk about how to move towards a just transition locally as we shared Movement Generation's Just Transition frameworks.
This past July 8-11, we had the great opportunity to attend to the New Economy Coalition’s conference CommonBound, where brilliant and powerful people got together to learn about how to develop and grow better systems to live in. We connected with and learned from wonderful people who are working to strengthen the resilience and collective determination of their communities. Check out our report back!
On August 5, we attended Day 1 of the second annual Soil Not Oil conference in Richmond, CA. The focus is on pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and back into the soil and the seabed, and transforming agriculture and other human activities to be sustainable and life-affirming, not life-threatening.
On August 14, we hosted a Tea Time for Local Peace Economy and met a group of people who are ready to invest their time in growing peace not war. We learned that there is much desire to change, but how hard it is, as our patterns run deep. This encouraged us to have monthly gatherings in Los Angeles and host a webinar to help walk through our ideas together and learn more about what a just transition could look like. More information coming soon!

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