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Start Your Local Peace Economy Journey!

What will it take to end the violence and suffering in our world? War, poverty, police brutality, ecological degradation, and nearly every other issue we face are connected by the same root cause. Trace our country’s history back, and see that our entire economy was founded on waging genocide on Indigenous peoples, enslaving African peoples, and violently extracting resources from the earth to accumulate wealth and power into the hands of a few.

To end violence and create the beautiful world that we so long to live in, we must radically reimagine and transform our relationships so they are defined by love, and compassion. This is how we transform our war economy into a peace economy. Growing local peace economies is a revolution of values and practices. 

Join us to begin the journey!

Why Do We Need A Local Peace Economy?

We live in a war economy - the extractive, destructive, oppressive system that is killing us, our communities, and the planet. It privileges the desires of a select few over the collective wellbeing of all of us. The war economy promotes a culture of separation, extraction, and materialism and devalues community. As a result, it is driving the climate crisis, wealth disparities, and a deep disconnection from ourselves and our innate sense of what it means to be well. War serves the war economy. We will not end war, as well as the crises war precipitates, without ending the war economy.

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How Do I Leave the War Economy?

Join us as we recognize and pivot away from behaviors of the War Economy to the practices of the Local Peace Economy!

Explore where the war economy might not be serving your life and learn how the war economy benefits when we become disconnected from our bodies, minds and intrinsic values. 

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The Cycle of (Re)connection

We are entangled in the war economy culture, regardless of our values and desires. So long as our physical mobility is limited by state-sanctioned borders, poverty is criminalized, and our systems are structured to produce waste, promote scarcity, and prioritize individualism, the war economy will remain inescapable from our lives. The good news is: the peace economy is all around us too! Not only is the peace economy present in our everyday lives but it is thriving and holds endless capacity to multiply. We can all learn to be tenders of the peace economy and transform our world – beginning with ourselves and our communities, and witnessing the ripples beyond.

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The Local Peace Economy Ecosystem

Do you have a community to explore growing a local peace economy with?

How can you find your people?

And what can you do together? We’re here to support you!

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What Resources Can I Use?

Use our glossary of common peace economy terms, and check out our "Accomplices Not Allies Action Toolkit" as well as our recommended books and websites. 

Access our Resource Toolkit for more.  

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Re-Writing the Story

The Local Peace Economy area of the Observatory is a project that explores the concept, models, and examples of the peace economy: the giving, sharing, thriving, caring economy without which none of us would be alive.

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