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A Local Peace Economy

Why Do We Need a Local Peace Economy?

What will it take to end the violence and suffering in our world? War, poverty, police brutality, ecological degradation, and nearly every other issue we face are connected by the same root cause. Trace our country’s history back, and see that our entire economy was founded on waging genocide on Indigenous peoples, enslaving African peoples, and violently extracting resources from the earth to accumulate wealth and power into the hands of a few.

To end violence and create the beautiful world that we so long to live in, we must radically reimagine and transform our relationships so they are defined by love, and compassion. This is how we transform our war economy into a peace economy. Growing local peace economies is a revolution of values and practices. 

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How Do I Leave the War Economy?

Join us for "21 Days of Divesting From the War Economy!"

Explore where the war economy might not be serving your life, and share ways that we can all reinvest our time, heart and energy to create conditions conducive to life. 

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How Can I Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a pretty simple concept: it’s about bringing our attention fully into the present moment, and observing our thoughts and feelings non-judgmentally as they arise.

We launched 21 Days of Mindfulness to give you support and concrete practices to experience this process yourself. From mindful eating to active listening, you’ll get a whole range of simple, practical ways to live in the now.

If you missed the program we offered, we’re offering a free PDF compilation of all 21 practices.

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What Resources Can I Use?

Use our glossary of common peace economy terms, and check out our "Accomplices Not Allies Action Toolkit" as well as our recommended books and websites. 

Access our Resource Toolkit for more.  

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How Do I Build Community?

Do you have a community to explore growing a local peace economy with?

How can you find your people?

And what can you do together? We’re here to support you!

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What Does A Local Peace Economy in Action Look Like?

Since last year CODEPINK Local Peace Economy community has been assisting asylum seekers at the border.

Check out our team blogs from last year and find out how you can help.

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