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21 Days to Love: Day 20


Showing up for Peace

Showing up for Peace

Now that we’ve spent time looking at where violence shows up for us, today take some time to think about how peace shows up for you and how you can bring more to your community.

Where do you go in order to bring yourself into peace and balance?

What is peace for you?

How can you start your day to ensure that you have a greater chance of organizing peace for yourself and therefore being a tuning fork for peace in your work and community?

Write about what it is and how you feel once you are doing it. Make a commitment to engaging in these practices more often.

Staying committed will help you build trust in your ability to maintain balance and BE PEACE. Staying committed will organically support the blazing of new neuro-pathways that will become a part of how you move through the world, and support your confidence and capacities to nourish the more beautiful world we know is possible.

💖 In peace,
Jodie & Kelly

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