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Earth Day 2024: War is Not Green! Genocide = Ecocide!

With Earth Day around the corner, we are bracing ourselves for the virtue signaling from US lawmakers who will inevitably offer shallow sentiments about their love for our planet and commitment to environmental justice despite funding weapons and genocide. Destroying the earth is just another tactic to accelerate genocide, as now nearly all of Gaza’s farmland, energy, and water infrastructure has been destroyed or polluted. This has had and will continue to have detrimental effects on the health of Gazans, even after years. Despite this, US lawmakers have failed to take significant action to stop sending weapons to Israel and continue to invest in war globally. 

This Earth Day, we reject the protection of imperial interests and demand true protection of the earth and humanity. If we want to end climate change, we must call for an end to the genocide in Gaza. As anti-war organizers, environmentalists and climate change activists, we must make our commitment to peace explicit. Our planet depends on it. Join our local Earth Day actions, use our Earth Day resources and show up to say, WAR IS NOT GREEN! GENOCIDE=ECOCIDE!