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In Love and Honor of Daniel Ellsberg 1931-2023. Honor Dan’s legacy by organizing against war and militarism.


 International Summit for Peace in Ukraine & a Journalist's Visit to Crimea: In this episode, CODEPINK's Marcy Winograd debriefs the International Summit for Peace in Ukraine with CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin and former State Department diplomat Ann Wright. Both women participated in the peace summit, held in Vienna, Austria, June 10-11th, to mobilize peace activists from 32 countries to echo the call of the Global South for a ceasefire in Ukraine. During the second half of the program, journalist and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik shares his insights after a recent visit to Moscow-- and Crimea, a peninsula on the Black Sea, home to ethnic Russians and Russia's naval fleet.


Not Just a Free Trip: How Birthright Perpetuates the Occupation of Palestine


Colombia Strikes a Peace: What Does that Mean for the Nation & the Region


Tuesday, June 6 Capitol Calling Party: Let's Talk About Crimea!


Release Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab! Rally in DC, June 2023


Dan Kovlik on his trips to Crimea


Correcting Misinformation on Cuba & China in Congress




@codepinkalert Why are we working to prevent a war with China? Our #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy campaigner explained the history of the campaign at LA peace week recently. #china #antiwar #stopaapihate #losangeles #politics #usa #asiapacific #military #coldwar #climatechange #antiracism #socialjustice #peace #activism ♬ original sound - CODEPINK
@codepinkalert Replying to @狮城老李 You’re right! Yesterday, we returned to Rep. Gimenez’s office to try to set the record straight about the “spy base” lie he’s been spreading in the media and in Congress, but he and his staff didn’t want to hear the truth. Lies like this have real consequences for people in Cuba and around the world bearing the deadly impacts of unilateral US sanctions which impede access to food, medicine, and so much more for everyday people. Join us in action next week online, in DC, and across the country to push for an end to US sanctions on Cuba and Cuba’s removal from the State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT) list! Link in bio. #offthelist #letcubalive #cuba #china #chinaisnotourenemy #congress #usa #politics #war #antiwar #military #dc #capitol #socialism #communism #antiimperialism #republican ♬ original sound - CODEPINK