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Last week we joined and hundreds of thousands at the #March4Gaza let Biden know: GENOCIDE JOE, THE BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS! We will not stop fighting for a free Palestine. 

We are fasting in solidarity with the people of Gaza. This week we thank Vicky for fasting for peace. Join us one day, a few days or until there is a ceasefire in Gaza! As soon as you sign up, we will send you instructions on the next steps, including fasting recipes and more!



Join CODEPINK organizer Grace as we reflect on the historic March for Gaza in DC as well as other CODEPINK actions in response to Biden's bombing of Yemen. We feature Medea Benjamin's speech, Jodie Evan's reflections, and what's next. We also listen to our most recent Missing Peace Monday with special guest Alexis Judeh, a Chicago organizer who's been advocating for Palestine for over 6 years. Throughout the episode, we are reminded of the importance of solidarity work as we fight for the liberation of all people.


MLK LA Parade 1/15/23


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Congressional Days of Action for Palestine Jan 16-19


"THE BLOOD IS ON YOURS HANDS!" - Medea Benjamin Speaks at the #March4Gaza


Why won't these Senators call for a Ceasefire?


Teach-in to get Cuba Off The SSOT List




@codepinkalert Our #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy campaigner Cale recently visited members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to deliver thousands of signatures saying NO to Kurt Campbell's nomination for #2 ♬ original sound - CODEPINK

Today we questioned @SenBlumenthal, @SenatorBraun, & @Senator Menendez on their refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza after Israel has killed 24,000+ civilians with U.S. support. They had no answers for us about how they could justify continuing to back Israel’s attacks. Each of them takes enormous amounts of money from the arms industry and the pro-Israel lobby. For just talking to Senator Menendez, we were summoned to talk with the police supervisor. While our elected officials write blank checks for massacres in Palestine, those calling for peace get criminalized. We have to make our voices louder than ever. So long as our elected officials refuse to let Gaza live in peace, they shouldn’t be able to either. Tell Congress to STOP ARMING ISRAEL: (link in bio)

♬ original sound - CODEPINK