CODEPINK Statement on David Friedman as Nominee for US Ambassador to Israel

CODEPINK Rejects David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel After Senate Foreign Relations Vote

As the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just approved David Friedman’s nomination as US Ambassador to Israel, CODEPINK calls on the Senate to reject the nomination when it comes to a full vote.  Friedman’s support for Israeli annexation of the West Bank, desire to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, personal funding of illegal Israeli settlements, and alignment with right wing extremist parties in Israel are unacceptable. Friedman’s positions and actions are contrary to the achievement of peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should disqualify him from such a key diplomatic post.

Ariel Gold, the CODEPINK Middle East coordinator who just returned from 3 weeks in the West Bank said: “The people in Palestine and Israel know that Friedman is dangerous for peace. He represents the growth of settlements, an escalation of violence, and the demise of hope. He has no diplomatic experience and  is unfit to be US ambassador to Israel.

While in the West Bank I saw families have to pass through checkpoints to buy milk. I witnessed Israeli soldiers the firing of live ammunition at unarmed Palestinian youth and I was nearly killed when massively armed soldiers fired tear gas canisters directly at my head. In Jerusalem I was banned praying at the Western Wall for the crime of having materials in my possession supporting Palestinian human rights. The situation is already so volatile and adding Ambassador Friedman into this mix is provocative and a huge mistake.”

As an organization committed to finally achieving an end to this conflict that has being going on for far too long, CODEPINK calls on the Senate to reject Friedman as US ambassador to Israel.


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