CODEPINK LA to Greet Hillary Clinton at Santa Monica Fundraiser Tomorrow


Contact: Chelsea Byers, CODEPINK Los Angeles Coordinator, (480) 580-3698,

Sam Ritchie, CODEPINK Communications Director, (347) 452-0008,

CODEPINK LA to Greet Hillary Clinton at Santa Monica Fundraiser Tomorrow

Activists Call on Clinton to Meet with Local Press and Voters, Not Just Milk the Los Angeles “Cash Cow”

(Los Angeles – March 23, 2016) -- Tomorrow, March 24, Hillary Clinton will be in Southern California for her 18th and 19th high-dollar, private fundraisers since launching her campaign. While Clinton is eager to solicit funds from the wealthy and powerful of Los Angeles, she has yet to take questions from voters or the local press. CODEPINK and a coalition of local activists will be outside Clinton’s private, high-dollar fundraiser in Santa Monica tomorrow, calling on her to come outside, take questions from citizens and media, and stop using Southern California as her personal “cash cow.”

“Hillary’s loyalty to the very interests that send us further into war and climate chaos have us very concerned,” said CODEPINK Youth Coordinator Chelsea Byers. “What kind of future can we expect from a leader so cozied up to the wealthiest 1% and corporation that have worked so hard to maintain the status quo?”

What: CODEPINK and local activists call out Hillary Clinton for milking the Southern California cash cow, call for more transparency, interactions with local press and voters.

When: Thursday, March 24th at 2:30 pm

Where: Corner of 20th Street and Marguerita Avenue, Santa Monica

Why: Hillary Clinton has used huge amounts of Southern California money to fund her campaign, she needs to meet with Southern California voters and press to hear local concerns.

Visuals: People in cow costumes, pink banners

For more information or to set up interviews, contact Sam Ritchie at (347) 452-0008 or


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