CODEPINK Hosts SOTU Watch Party / BINGO Game

CODEPINK Press Release


January 20, 2015

CODEPINK Hosts SOTU Watch Party / BINGO Game, Featuring Colbert-Style Commentator; Press Welcome

When: 8:30 pm on January 20, 2015

Where: Busboys and Poets Restaurant, 625 Monroe Street Northeast Washington DC

Washington, DC –– At 8:30 pm tonight, January 20, CODEPINK and other progressive activists from the Washington DC area will gather at Busboys and Poets (new Brookland location) for a party to watch and comment on President Obama’s State of the Union address. Busboy and Poets owner and former DC mayoral candidate, Andy Shallal, along with CODEPINK creative director Tighe Barry, will provide a running “right wing” commentary a la Stephen Colbert.

“I know that behind every comment Barack Hussein Obama makes is a creeping agenda of sharia law, and I plan to expose him to the American people at Busboys and Poets,” said Tea Party wannabe Tighe Barry.  

There will be fun activities such as a SOTU Bingo game featuring some of President Obama’s most famous catch phrases from “Let me be clear” to “entitlements” and “handouts”. CODEPINK prizes will be given out and members of the press are welcome to participate.

On a more serious note, CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin noted, “We’ve been encouraged by some of the President’s foreign policy initiatives, like the ongoing talks with Iran and the opening with Cuba. But we feel like this is the time for him to be bolder—such as getting us out of military conflicts in the Middle East, severing ties with repressive regimes, and ending his illegal drone wars.”



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