CODEPINK Activists Risk Arrest in DC to Call for Moral Revival


Together around the country a call to end racism, poverty, and militarism

For Immediate Release: May 14, 2018

For More Information:

Sarah Eckel-Dalrymple| Campaign Manager, Divest from the War Machine Campaign | | 202-486-9007
Medea Benjamin | CODEPINK co-founder | | 415-235-6517

Washington, DC - CODEPINK activists are standing in solidarity with fellow activists in the New Poor People’s Campaign today.  The actions across the country today launch as part of the season of civil disobedience to challenge systemic racism, poverty, and militarism.

“Fifty years after Dr. King’s first Poor People’s campaign, we are still fighting racism, poverty, and militarism that continues to plague our nation,” said Paki Wieland, CODEPINK Organizer in Washington D.C., “We are fighting back. We are organizing. We will not allow the same injustices to continue destroying the lives of millions of Americans and the moral character of our country.”

CODEPINK is joining with individuals and organizations in 39 state capitols and D.C. today in solidarity with the New Poor People’s Campaign.  CODEPINK activists in D.C. will risk arrest with the those determined to shut down the systems that continue to oppress millions of Americans.

CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans said, “CODEPINK stands for peace. We can’t have peace when our country is still fighting the demons of racism and classism.  We can’t have peace when more money is dedicated to war than our schools. We can’t have peace if we refuse to provide adequate healthcare, functioning infrastructure, and access to food and shelter. We must divest ourselves from the war economy, and re-focus our resources toward life and peace for all.”

Just as many viewed Dr. King’s Poor People’s campaign as a radical shift 50 years ago, the New Poor People’s Campaign seeks to radically shift how our country operates and treats all its people. As the New Poor People’s Campaign launches this first season of renewal, CODEPINK is proud to stand, sit, and work for a moral revival where we value people over profits.



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