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My name is Kelly Osajima, and I am CODEPINK’s new Local Peace Economy Organizer.  As we continue to witness the war economy across the world, including in the streets of Parkland, Florida, you have joined us to divest from the war machine. As the other side of the war economy is a giving, sharing, caring, thriving, resilient economy that nourishes and supports life, I am here to support you in growing your local peace economy.

The war economy affects the most vulnerable in our communities first. To counter this, CODEPINKers have been coming together for monthly meetings to build community and relationship while exploring where to engage locally to support and build peace, justice and create the conditions conducive to life.  They have engaged with community gardens, developed Pop-Ups for Peace, organized giving circles, created experiences of love and resources for the homeless and supported families vulnerable to deportation. Every community is different and finds new ways with their desires and offerings to come together and grow local peace.  I am here to help you. Reach out at

Here are some of the other offerings from our local peace economy work:

CODEPINK goes to Barcelona!

We have taken CODEPINK trips to Cuba to explore the local peace economy there. Now we are offering a special local peace economy tour to Barcelona, Spain. Come explore how the feminist activists there are building an innovative local peace economy.

When: May 5 - May 12, 2018. Reserve your spot here by April 1st, and spread the word!

21 Days of Mindfulness

Tomorrow is our last day of 21 Days of Mindfulness; practices to ease anxiety, fear, and stress and cultivate peace, love, and gratitude. If you missed the program, you can catch up on all of the mindfulness exercises here.

We’re also offering a free PDF compilation of all 21 practices, sign up and start growing your inner peace today.

Local Peace Economy Store

From Syrian refugees in Turkey, to women-led cooperatives in Palestine, Cuba, Minnesota and Oregon, CODEPINK's online store wants to share some offerings from across the globe with you. Check out what we have to offer here!

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