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UC Regents: Divest from war and child detention!

UC Regents: Divest from war and child detention!

The investment firm BlackRock has an all-access pass to influence billions of UC funds. BlackRock is the top investor in gun and weapon manufacturers. BlackRock invests in the defense contractor, General Dynamics, which profits from child detention.

BlackRock CEO and UCLA alum, Larry Fink, made a statement that BlackRock will hold companies accountable to be good global citizens. Obviously, a statement is not enough, when BlackRock continues to invest in companies engaging in war and conflict. There should be no profit from war. There should be no profit from child detention. We call on the UC Regents to end BlackRock’s access to billions of UC funds!

Join us for public comment at the upcoming UC Regents meeting at UCSF Mission Bay, July 18-19. Let’s get war, greed, and violence out of our universities. More details to come.

Can we count you in?




UCSF Mission Bay
1675 Owens St, San Francisco, CA 94112, United States,

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