Trump's new settlement builder?


Last Friday, President-elect Donald Trump tapped bankruptcy attorney David Friedman to be the next US Ambassador to Israel. Friedman has no diplomatic experience, and his political positions are to the right of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu! Friedman supports illegal settlements, is hostile to the two-state solution, and wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem!

Tell the incoming 116th Congress not to confirm David Friedman!

Friedman is out of alignment with American-Jewish opinions and gives Israeli settlers a green light to commit acts of violence. He stands to have America break with decades of foreign policy recognizing settlements as an obstacle to peace. Rather than trying to halt further settlement expansion, Friedman has raised billions of dollars to fund the West Bank Bet El settlement!

Read from our own Ariel Gold and Issa Amro of Youth Against Settlements on why the next US Congress must not confirm Friedman. Then sign the petition demanding that Friedman not be confirmed!

We have been working day and night to provide protection for Issa as a Palestinian Human Rights Defender. As a reprisal against him for his nonviolent human rights work, Issa is currently being tried on 18 charges in Israeli military court. Last week, the United Nations joined our call and issued a press release condemning Israel for persecuting Issa Amro and other human rights defenders.

Rather than trying to hold Israel accountable to international law, Friedman suggests that the US should cut funding to the UN Human Rights Council. Tell the incoming 116th Congress: the next US Ambassador to Israel must respect international law, not fund settlers who violate it!

Together we can create love instead of hate, bridges instead of walls, and peace instead of war!

Rise, Love, Resist,

Ariel, Farida, Jodie, Mariana, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Paula, and Samira

PS: Join CODEPINK in Washington D.C.January 19-21 to Rise, Love, and Resist the 2017 Presidential Inauguration! We will be participating in the Peace Ball, Occupy Inauguration, Disrupt J20, the Women's March on Washington, and more. Get your tickets now for the Peace Ball and sign up to be part of the Pink Posse!

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