Trump just called for war


This is bad. Trump is openly threatening war with Venezuela and it looks like tomorrow could spell bloodshed —  the opposition is gearing up for a showdown on the border with Colombia. 

Venezuela is headed towards a civil war and the U.S. is leading the charge by using humanitarian aid as a pretext for a coup and possible U.S. military intervention. We know what happens when the U.S. overthrows other people’s governments and we can’t let this happen in Venezuela. Send a message now to your representative in Congress telling them to add their name to Rep. Cicilline’s legislation prohibiting the President from sending U.S. troops to Venezuela.

So far only 33 members have cosponsored the legislation that would prevent war with Venezuela. Some, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have even sided with the Trump administration and are supporting the opposition’s “parallel government.”

Now is the moment to tell our representatives we won’t tolerate another foreign policy disaster. We must say “no sanctions, no coup, and no war on Venezuela.” Tell your member of Congress it’s urgent they add their name to H.R. 1004 “to prohibit the introduction of United States Armed Forces into hostilities with respect to Venezuela.”

The vast majority of people in Venezuela don’t want U.S. military intervention and the majority of Americans don’t want another war. That’s why last week, when Trump-appointed U.S. representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams testified in Congress, our national co-director Ariel Gold stood up and spoke out. “Don’t listen to this war criminal," she said, as they dragged her out of the hearing. "We must not go down a path to war. We need you to push for negotiations, not a U.S.-orchestrated coup. No coup in Venezuela.”

Diplomacy, not war, is the answer. Mexico, Uruguay, and the Vatican have offered to facilitate dialogue between sitting president Maduro and opposition leader Guaido. What’s needed now is for the international community, especially the U.S., to support this critical opportunity — without dialogue, there will likely be a civil war and invasion by the U.S. military. Please take a moment to persuade your member of Congress to sign onto H.R. 1004 to stop the next war in Venezuela.

Towards peace,
Medea and the entire CODEPINK team: Ann, Ariel, Carley, Caroline, Jodie, Kelly, Kirsten, Lily, Maya, Mark, Nancy, Paki, Ryan, Sarah, Tighe and Ursula

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  • Pedro Soto
    commented 2019-03-21 13:29:52 -0400
    I love the movement of you, I am Latin American and I feel represented by the ways of thinking that you teach.

    However, if I hate TRUMP and their government leaves them blind many times, I know that TRUMP is bad, but MADURO is worse, children die in the streets, there is no light, there is no water, there are no medicines, and before that they measure that all this started with the economic measures let me tell you that it is a lie … this problem comes from before, I would like them to go to Venezuela and see who is more tyrant, and they are among the least worse, because Here what we are doing is that, a punishment choice.