Three Saudi Teens Condemned to Death!

In the wake of mass executions in Saudi Arabia last month, international press and human rights organizations are bringing attention to the cases of three youth activists sentenced to death, two slated to die by beheading and crucifixion. All are members of the Shia minority who participated in peaceful protests demanding human rights for all Saudis.


It is outrageous that the United States continues to unquestioningly support a regime that commits such despicable acts as condemning teenagers to gruesome deaths and executing members of religious minority groups for peaceful protest. CODEPINK, along with many other organizations, is hosting a two-day summit examining the policies and practices of Saudi Arabia and U.S.-Saudi ties. Whether at the summit or through online action, we ask you to join us in putting pressure on our government to reconsider our support of the Saudi government.

Join us in calling on the leading Presidential candidates to commit to imposing sanctions against the Saudi government for their human rights abuses and to re-examine the toxic U.S.-Saudi relationship once they are in office!

Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr, Dawood Hussain Almarhoon and Abdullah Al-Zaher were all juveniles when they were arrested for peaceful protest and all have been subsequently sentenced to death. Ali was intentionally run over by a police car during his apprehension. Dawood was pressured to spy on other political activists. Abdullah was held and interrogated without any contact with his family. You can read more about their stories here.

Any future President MUST pledge to address the Saudi regime’s extremism and human rights abuses – call on them to do so TODAY!

It is long past time for the U.S. to re-examine our toxic relationship with the Saudi government! Once you sign our petition, read about our upcoming Summit on Saudi Arabia and learn how you can attend (or watch selected workshops via live-streaming).

Towards a more just and peaceful world,
Aida, Alli, Andrea, Ariel, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Lisa, Medea, Michaela, Michelle, Nancy, Rebecca, Sam and Tighe

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