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Holloman Air Force Base, Southern New Mexico
APRIL 15 - 22, 2023        SPRING ACTION WEEK!
Co-sponsored by CODEPINKVeterans For Peace, and Ban Killer Drones
Veterans For Peace members across the country are getting their flags ready!  CODEPINK activists are collecting their signature "pink paraphernalia."  Won’t you get ready too?  We’re hoping it will be the largest resistance to the criminal US Drone Program ever! 
(Early Registration helps us serve you better)
Veterans on the march for Peace at Shut Down Creech, 2015 Spring Action
Newest News:
-Monday, April 17:   Double Feature Documentary Film Screenings in Alamogordo
Battles Beyond the Horizon (New film about US Drone Warfare & the growing resistance.)
National Bird - (2016) Excellent drone documentary, featuring Whistleblower Daniel Hale, and two other courageous whistleblowers, exposing the tragic truth about the US. drone assassination program. 
Please join us on Monday to be part of a meaningful post-film conversation between Alamogordo residents and participants of SDDW week!
Need or offering a ride to Shut Down Drone Warfare from your hometown?  
Write to our Transportation Coordinator, ASAP.  Ken Mayers will help coordinate ride shares:     [email protected]
Traveling Stipends:  Need help with traveling costs?  We have limited funds to help those most in need.  Apply by Mar. 24 by email:
Denise Hingle,  Travel Stipend Coordinator:   [email protected]
Our Big Day of Resistance:  Wednesday, April 19:
When we will nonviolently and passionately SHUT DOWN DRONE WARFARE!   
Note:  risking arrest is purely voluntary, and support roles, such as jail support, peace keepers, legal observers are equally needed.  Join us in this very important day when we will demonstrate the power of peaceful nonviolent action…calling all Angelic Troublemakers...
PREPARE EARLY:   Form an Affinity Group BEFORE you come to SDDW.  Elliot Adams is generously offering a chance to do online nonviolence training with your Affinity Group, so you can begin to plan and prepare for your creative and unique action ahead of time!  Even “support roles” can be part of affinity groups.
Contact:  Elliot Adams,  [email protected]
Stop the inhumane and racist U.S. Drone Assassination Program in its tracks:  NO to 600 new drone operators and pilots trained at Holloman annually!  This is not the world we want!
Not in our name, not with our tax dollars. Demilitarize the planet, one base at a time!
Please join us for all or part of the week:
Can’t come to Shut Down Drone Warfare Week?
Participate from afar:
-Invite and fund a local activist to attend SDDW Week!  Spread the word in your community.
-Invite your local organization to be a sponsor.
-MAKE A DONATION!  We are all volunteers. Our expenses are already exceeding our available funds. Even the smallest of donations makes a difference.   
-Plan a solidarity anti-drone action during SDDW week at your nearest drone base or in your local community, and let us know about it.
-Sign these petitions to Ban Killer Drones:

-Petition for a Global Ban on Weaponized Drones




Holloman AFB
750 First St, New Mexico, NM, United States,

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