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Peace in Ukraine MAPA Rally Springfield

Join CODEPINK and MAPA on the one-year anniversary of the disastrous Russia-Ukraine war. We call for a ceasefire and negotiations.  We condemn the Russian invasion.  We also condemn the long series of US/NATO provocations which made Russia feel that its existence was threatened by a pro-Western Ukraine.   We call on the US to stop sending advanced weapons and on both sides to stop escalating the conflict.  Ukraine must be neutral; the citizens of the Eastern provinces which rebelled after the illegal change of government in 2014 must decide the future of those provinces.

Both rallies on Boston and Springfield will be Friday, February 24, at 12pm.

  • In Springfield, we will rally outside the office of Rep. Richard Neal.

Can we count you in?




Office of Rep. Richard Neal
300 State St, Springfield, MA 01105, United States,

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