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Nov 04

Embedded in Pink

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAnne Elizabeth Moore, a PINKTank doula, wrote this embedded CODEPINK profile piece for In These Times in...
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Oct 30

Hey, you! Vote Kindly!

Posted by CODEPINK StaffOur dear friend Rachel Bagby, who lead us in song and spirit as we surrounded the White...
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Oct 27

PRESS POINT: CODEPINK in the news Oct. 20-26

Posted by CODEPINK StaffTons in the news this past week:Janine Boneparth, Rae Abileah, Keiko Schnelle, Nancy Mancias and Blaine Clarke...
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Oct 23

Barbara Harris and "counter-recruitment" in NYC

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThe New York Times ran a story today about Barbara Harris, 71, of CODEPINK NYC,  "a retired...
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Oct 22

Maine ladies got it going on

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCODEPINK in Maine totally rocks. Just came across this story in the central Maine newspaper, the Kennebec...
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Oct 21

Local Report - "I'm better than you" in San Antonio

Posted by CODEPINK Staff On October 3rd, a group of CodePink activists went to San Antonio to protest the arrival...
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Oct 21

Official release: CODEPINK co-founder disrupts mortgage bankers convention: Calls for a moratorium on foreclosures

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECODEPINK co-founder disrupts mortgage bankers convention:Calls for a moratorium on foreclosures and bailouts with taxpayer...
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Oct 20

MEDIA SCENE: This week's media wrap-up

Posted by CODEPINK StaffHey, y'all. Just a quick recap of CODEPINK in the news this past week....Some media made their...
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Oct 17

Fayetteville Observer: "Whatever preventive action is being taken at Fort Bragg, it isn’t enough."

Posted by CODEPINK StaffRetired Col. Ann Wright writes her response to a recent scathing editorial in Tuesday's Fayetteville Times on...
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Oct 15

U.S. military men sexually assault one-third of fellow female soldiers

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThree years ago, an American soldier LaVena Johnson of Missouri bought candy, soda and lip balm one...
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