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A packed house at the Peace in Ukraine: Chicago Teach In, hosted by CODEPINK and its collaborating partners.


With the June 25 vote in Guatemala’s general elections coming up, concerns are mounting among national and international observers over the integrity of the process due to Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal having blocked several opposition candidates from running. Sadly, the silence from both the US and the OAS on the matter is not a surprise.


WTF: The Country is Not for Sale: Economic Development & Employment Zones vs Nat'l Sovereignty


Al Jazeera English features CODEPINK's Marcy Winograd on a panel entitled, "Are militaries driving the climate crisis?" Check out "The Stream."


Host of The Drip interviews CODEPINK's Marcy Winograd about the Peace in Ukraine Coalition




@codepinkalert Today is the coronation of the new British King, Charles III, who has been fuelling war and imperialism for decades. The royal family built their wealth on the enslavement and theft. Charles has personally aided BAE Systems in selling jets to Saudi Arabia that have dropped bombs in Yemen. Today, while he is crowned in stolen jewels and indulges in public-funded decadence, we remember his contributions to imperialism and the war machine. #war #coronation #charles #king #notmyking #monarchy #imperialism #warmachine #codepink #coronationprotest #kingprotest #britain #uk #peace ♬ original sound - CODEPINK
@codepinkalert How long will the war in Ukraine go on? Phyllis Bennis explains why we need #PeaceInUkraine. #ukraine #war #antiwar #peace #usa #politics ♬ original sound - CODEPINK