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May 18: Day of Action in Solidarity with the Haitian People

Art by: Emory Douglas

Organize Local Protests Wherever You Are Across the Entire U.S.


Demand the following:

  • Stop the massacres! Stop using our tax dollars to fund the brutal Haitian National Police and affiliated death squads
  • Stop supporting the dictatorship of Ariel Henry
  • Stop blocking, attacking, and deporting Haitian refugees
  • Support the Haitian people's struggle for liberation and their own transition government free from interference by the US and the Core Group 
  • End the occupation! Sovereignty and self-determination for Haiti

Take Action before the Demonstrations:

Call, tweet, and email these demands to your Representatives in the House by going to ​​, your Senators by going to, and President Biden by going to

Call between 11 AM and 3 PM EST or 8 AM to Noon PT. Tweet Biden @POTUS and text him at 302-404-0880.

Call or tweet UN Secretary-General António Guterres with the same demands ph: (212) 963-7160 and tweet him at @antonioguterresA

Check out our Haiti Art & Solidarity Online Showcase

Haiti Art & Solidarity Online Showcase

For information on what is happening in Haiti and the US role, go to:

To donate to the grassroots movement in Haiti, go to



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Washington DC