Keep speaking up for Ahed


Since we last wrote, Ahed Tamimi's detention has been extended once again, and now she is facing up to twelve charges by Israeli authorities, including a charge for allegedly assaulting a soldier. She should be enjoying the rest of her high school experience, spending time with her friends, and preparing for her future.

Instead, Ahed sits in a cold, isolated cell with a camera watching her every move. This is unconscionable. A 16-year-old girl who has the courage to stand up to her aggressors should not be condemned for her failure to silently submit to brutal occupation. If you haven't done so yet, please take action by demanding that Israel #FreeAhed immediately.

There are a few other ways that you can use your voice to show support for Ahed:

1) Take a picture of yourself with a message to Free Ahed, post it on social media, and be sure to tag us so we can share it

2) Send the #FreeAhed action to 5 of your friends so we can keep bringing awareness to her story

3) Share Ariel and Taylor's article about the need for a feminist movement for Ahed

In solidarity,
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Haley, Jodie, Katie, Mariana, Mark, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Robin, Sarah, Taylor, and Tighe

P.S. New Zealand pop star Lorde cancelled her show in Tel Aviv in support of the BDS movement and the Palestinian people. Send a message to Lorde to thank her for her courage, commitment, and strength!

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