Gaza, My Love


Dear Activist,

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Israel’s ruinous assault against the besieged people of Gaza, the third such operation since 2008 and the most devastating. Over 2,200 Palestinians were killed during Israel’s 50-day military incursion; 547 of the casualties were children. Many families in Gaza are still living in the rubble of their destroyed homes, and there is little hope of rebuilding while the Israeli blockade of land, sea and air continues.

Today—July 9th—we mark the tenth anniversary of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. We believe that BDS is the most effective means at our disposal to hold Israel to account for its war crimes, as well at for its ongoing land theft, dispossession, and discrimination against Palestinians.

At CODEPINK we’ve been working to expose real estate giant REMAX for selling illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Please take a moment to send a note to the CEO of REMAX, and tell him to respect international law and immediately halt the sale of illegal Israeli settlements!

The growing strength and power of this global movement has Israeli leaders worried, and just this week Hillary Clinton paid tribute to our influence in a letter to top donor Haim Saban in which she vowed to fight BDS.

So as we remember those who died in Gaza last summer, we commit ourselves to redouble our efforts on behalf of dignity, equality and justice. Check out our ongoing boycott campaigns: Stolen Beauty, Stop SodaStream, and No Open House on Stolen Land, and send a note to the CEO of REMAX today.

In solidarity,

Alli, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Lia, Medea, Michelle, Mike, Nancy, Tighe, and Sergei

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